Food truck owner smiling with customers lined up outside the window behind him

Article Summary: If you want to open a food truck business but need the capital to start, your best bet is to apply for a food truck loan. There are multiple food truck financing options available, including business lines of credit, equipment financing, and SBA loans. If you have trouble getting approved for a loan […]

Woman reviewing her credit online to see how PayPal Credit affected her credit score

Article Summary: Since the company does report to credit bureaus, PayPal Credit can affect your credit score. PayPal also has credit cards and credit lines available for people looking to build their credit without signing up for another credit card. As with most lenders, PayPal will conduct a hard pull, which will cost you a […]

Hand depositing a money order into an ATM

Article Summary: Most financial institutions have ATMs where you can deposit money orders into your checking or savings account. To do this, use your bank card to access your account and insert the signed money order into the ATM. However, be sure to check that the ATM you wish to use accepts deposits, as some […]

Tow truck towing a damaged car

Article Summary: Towing costs can range from $2.50 to $7.00 per mile. The average cost to tow a car is $109. However, these costs may be more expensive depending on when you call for a tow truck and the position of your vehicle. Getting a car towed is typically associated with bad luck, but it’s […]

refinance a home equity loan

Article Summary: Refinancing a home equity loan can help you save money on interest and get out of debt faster. However, it can also be an expensive mistake. Find out how to compare lenders and what you need to apply. We also look into an often-overlooked alternative to home equity loans that is a good […]