Stacks of coins next to a model car, representing the money you could earn through Turo

Is Turo Worth It?

Summary: Turo is a car rental company that allows users to rent directly to and from other users. It’s essentially Airbnb but for cars. So if you’re tired of traditional car rental prices or simply want an easier experience, Turo peer-to-peer car sharing might be a great fit. Plus, as a host, you have the […]

progressive tax system

Summary: In a progressive tax system, the tax rate increases as income increases. Higher-income earners are taxed at a higher rate than lower-income earners. The goal of a progressive tax system is to try to even the tax burden across income levels. Some people believe it’s a great step towards more financial equality, while others […]

Woman holding a credit card looking stressed as she learns she was charged an overdraft fee because she didn't have overdraft protection

Article Summary: Bank overdraft protection is a service that you can set up with your checking account. If your transaction exceeds your checking account balance, this service allows you to pull funds from a savings account or credit line and avoid overdraft fees. It might be a useful option if you tend to overspend from […]

Investor reviewing potential profits from different options strangle strategies

Article Summary: There are two types of strangles in options — a short strangle and a long strangle. Both types of strangle strategies require an investor to make correct predictions about whether the price of a share will change drastically or stay within a specific range. If you’re interested in options trading, then a strangle […]