Mortgage interest deduction Should you get a mortgage cosigner?

Your lease is ending, you’re looking to move to a larger home, or maybe you want to live closer to work. Regardless of why you’re moving, you’ve found the perfect home. But there’s bad news: your lender has told you that you don’t qualify for a mortgage. What can you do to make sure that […]

Invest or pay off your mortgage. Find out which one makes sense for you.

You’ve come into some extra money. Maybe a relative left you an inheritance, or your employer gave you a holiday bonus. Or maybe you’ve set up your budget to get you some extra savings each month. You want to use this extra cash to improve your financial situation. But what’s the best way to do […]

calculate your car down payment

A car is an essential part of most Americans’ lives. Without one, many can’t get groceries or commute to work. 65% of car buyers choose to get an auto loan. Cars may be important but they are also expensive. Most people can’t afford or don’t want to pay cash for one. That means most prospective […]

How to save money on mortgage closing costs

A home is probably the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Even relatively affordable houses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and mortgage loans can last decades. As such, choosing the right loan is an essential part of the home buying process. When comparing loans, people often look at the length of […]

lose in a trade in

23% of car dealership sales originate from trade-ins Are you getting ready to buy a new car? There are a lot of questions you’ll have to ask yourself. What type of car do you want? What is your budget? Are there any special features you’re looking for? Dreaming about your new vehicle is fun, but […]

guaranteed auto loan dealerships

For some, owning a car is a convenience; for others, it’s a necessity. But with cars costing tens of thousands of dollars, few of us can afford to pay for one upfront. Almost 65% of Americans turn to some form of financing when they buy a car. The two most popular financing providers are the […]

high yield checking accounts

When you first open a bank account, it is easy to assume you will stay with that bank or financial institution and make transactions with them forever. However, sometimes individual needs change, or a new account comes out that you want to take advantage of. You might have questions, like whether or not it is […]

Pay medical bills without going broke

You recently had an important medical procedure done, but now you’re stuck with a hefty bill that you can’t afford. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. 26% percentage of Americans who struggle to pay medical bills A recent survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation and New York Times revealed that 26% of working-age Americans struggle to […]

Man holding his credit cards, thinking about how to refinance his credit card debt

Article Summary It is alway preferable to pay off your debt in full, IF possible. Although settling your debt for a smaller amount will not hurt your credit as much as not making any payments, it is still considered a red flag for lenders. However, there are times when settling your debt can be a […]

tax flags IRS

The odds of being on the business end of an IRS tax audit are pretty low. According to its 2019 Data Book, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has conducted fewer audits every year over the past decade. In 2019, they only audited 0.4% of taxpayers. However, whether you get audited isn’t determined by chance alone. Specific […]