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Article Summary A mortgage credit certificate is a good way to purchase a home with limited income capacity, especially for a first-time buyer. Using this certificate allows the homebuyer to claim some of the mortgage interest paid on the home every year. Are you buying your first home and need to save money on your […]

Man searches online what a wraparound mortgage is

Article Summary: A wraparound mortgage, also known as an overriding mortgage, is an alternative for buyers who are struggling to get traditional financing. It gives a break to buyers who are struggling to get approved for a loan and allows sellers to make a profit on the sale and financing of their property. A wraparound […]

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Article Summary: Mortgage payments have a significant impact on the monthly budget of many households. It is probably your largest monthly expense. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to reduce the monthly mortgage payment, so your budget can breathe. Lowering your monthly mortgage is one of the easiest ways to free up some room in your […]