Hand dropping coin into house model next to stacks of coins

Article Summary: Cash-on-cash return, or CoC, is a rate of return metric that calculates the cash income on an investment. Generally, CoC shows up in real estate (particularly commercial real estate), as it helps measure an investor’s annual return on a rental property. While it’s relatively easy to understand and use, it also has a […]

Group of five young adults preparing their resumes for finance industry positions

Article Summary: Working a career in finance requires long hours, lots of schooling, and a strong mathematical inclination. For those with the chops, these careers can pay off handsomely thanks to high salaries and tons of benefits. But unfortunately, not everyone’s cut out for the work. Working a finance career path can provide personal and […]

Small model house on a clipboard next to a pen and set of house keys

Article Summary: A title search will typically take between 10 and 14 business days to complete. However, the exact timing will depend on how old the house is, how quickly the title search company receives the necessary information, and what judgments or liens currently exist against the property. If you’ve ever bought or sold a […]

expanding cost of basket of goods

Article Summary: Stagflation occurs when an economy experiences high inflation and slow economic growth at the same time. While there’s no single measurement to determine stagflation, it’s characterized by rising prices, high unemployment, and stagnant or negative GDP. Though stagflation may sound like a warped version of inflation, it’s actually a complex topic that economists […]

Stock price chart, magnifying glass, and other documents for performing due diligence on potential investments

Article Summary: “DD” stands for due diligence, which is a form of investigation recommended for individual investors looking to invest in the stock market. While you’re not required to perform DD, this research could reveal valuable information about your potential investment. Due diligence may include reviewing a company’s financial performance, considering professional opinions, and examining […]

Hand using a pen to point at computer screen showing stock charts

Article Summary: Although there is no “best” VIX ETF, here are five exchange-traded funds and notes to keep an eye on if you are planning to capitalize on the stock market’s volatility: VIXM, VXZ, VXX, VIXY, and UVXY. These ETFs don’t track the VIX itself but futures contracts, making them both highly volatile and less […]

Four business men figures looking at line graphs

Article Summary: Contango and backwardation both describe the slope of a forward-facing futures curve in the futures market. When a market is in contango, the forward price of a futures contract sits above the spot price. Conversely, when in a backwardation market, the forward price of a futures contract sits below the spot price. When […]

Two sacks with dollar signs on scale opposite house model

Article Summary: Unencumbered assets, like cars and real estate, have no legal or financial claims against them. In other words, no creditor can repossess or seize the asset, and they may not have a claim to it during bankruptcy. Unencumbered items are often most attractive to potential buyers, as they’re easier to sell or transfer. […]

Woman standing in open doorway of a home or apartment

Article Summary: How much money you should save before moving out depends on your current financial situation and where you live. In most areas, you will need at least $8,000 in savings before moving into your own apartment if you want enough for a modest emergency fund, a security deposit, and a year’s worth of […]

downtown New York City with bustling crowds and prominent advertisements

Article Summary: The U.S. economy is defined as a mixed economy, which features characteristics of both socialism, a command economy, and capitalism (aka a market economy). Mixed economies combine aspects of both these economic systems. They allow consumers and businesses freedom of choice, but they limit this freedom through specific regulations on businesses and other […]

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Article Summary: When learning how to make your money work for you, you first have to develop reachable financial goals. After you’ve defined your goals, outline your budget so you have a plan for your savings and debt payments. This will start to give you a solid financial foundation that you can then invest in […]

Young man in a wheelchair sitting at a desk with a computer, notebooks, and coffee cup

Article Summary: If you’re on disability and need some cash fast, you need to know: can you get a loan while on disability? Generally, the answer is yes – but how easy that is will depend on the type of disability you receive and the loan you need. Additionally, certain types of loans and loan […]