Best 10-Year Mortgage Rates | October 2021

Mortgages with 10-year terms are relatively rare. Most homeowners opt for 30-year mortgages because they have lower monthly payments. However, you can save a lot of money in mortgage interest if you choose a shorter term. Mortgages with longer terms typically have higher interest rates and require you to pay interest for longer periods. Consider going with a 10-year mortgage if you can afford the higher monthly payments.

Ten-year mortgage rates can save you big money on interest expenses and help you own your home debt-free sooner than you thought possible. The benefits of choosing a 10-year mortgage include lower rates (up to a full percentage point lower in some cases) and paying your mortgage in a third of the time.

Here is SuperMoney's list of the best mortgages lenders with 10-year mortgage terms. We recommend you check rates with multiple mortgage companies to see which one offers the best terms.

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