Best Personal Loans for Doctors | December 2020

Even doctors face unexpected expenses from time to time. If you're a medical professional looking for a personal loan, you can qualify for excellent rates and terms. Here is our list of the best personal loans for doctors.

Doctors are an ideal client-base for lenders. They have high incomes, work security, and (typically) excellent credit.

  • The average income of doctors is among the highest of all occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median pay for a doctor in 2019 was $208,000 a year (or $100 per hour).
  • They have high levels of education attainment, which is correlated with high credit scores
  • Their job outlook is also excellent. Employment growth for physicians and surgeons is expected to grow 7% faster than average.

So, it's not surprising that some lenders are willing to offer great rates and terms to medical professionals. The list below provides some of the best personal loans for physicians