Best Personal Loans With No Credit Check | January 2021

Are you having a hard time getting approved for a personal loan with no credit? That's not surprising as most personal loan lenders check your credit. However, some will be more flexible than others. Here are the best personal loans for borrowers with no credit.

Most -- if not all -- lenders will check your credit score and credit history when processing your loan application. However, some lenders will still consider borrowers with poor or no credit. The catch is that interest rates and fees are typically very high. If you are looking for lenders that really don't check your credit at all, you may need to consider payday lenders and auto title lenders. However, we recommend you try the lenders in this list first.

It is best to build your credit before applying for a loan. But if you need the money urgently, that may not be an option. Here is our list of the best personal loans for people with poor or no credit.