Best Renters Insurance in California | July 2021

Californian renters face some unique challenges to their property and belongings. Here is our list of the best renter’s insurance companies in California.

Californians face risks that may not be a concern for people in other states. For example, wildfires and earthquakes are more likely to affect renters in California than other states. Rental insurance protects you from the financial devastation of losing your belongings.

Some renters assume that the landlord's insurance protects them. The reality is that the landlord's insurance covers structural damage. Protecting your personal property rests on you. This also applies to any liability issues that you may face as the resident of the property. For example, if a guest in your home gets hurt, they can come after you to cover the medical bills renter's insurance steps in here to help out.

We've done our research to narrow down some of the most reliable companies for you. Here is a list of the best renters insurance in California: