medical expenses

How to present patient financing programs to patients Stock your office with informative materials Direct mail advertising Social media ads and messaging Email marketing Print advertisements in your waiting room Train receptionists Promote it on your website In-person recommendations from physician Do you have patients who struggle to pay for the medical care they need? […]

Pay medical bills without going broke

As a healthcare provider, you’re dedicated to helping people. But due to the nature and costs inherent to the healthcare industry, your patients often end up with a large bill. Point of sale financing for healthcare may help your patients make financial arrangements to pay their bills. According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, […]

contractor financing platform

As a contractor, one of the hardest parts of the job is getting paid. If your customers don’t have cash, they need to secure financing before they can pay you. And even then, it can take a while to get what you’ve earned.  Zero fee contractor financing may help you collect your payment faster. Contractor […]

How to start an online consultation business

Are you looking to finance an online purchase without going into credit card debt? For decades, brick-and-mortar stores offered financing options for large purchases with their POS systems at checkout. Now, with the advent of online shopping, online vendors are joining the fray. Third-party point-of-sale financing companies partner with vendors to provide installment plans, consumer […]