Best Money Transfer Services of 2018

Whether you want to send money to a friend sitting next to you or a family member halfway around the world, you have options. There’s a wide selection of money transfer services from which you can choose. Not all are created equal, though, which can make it difficult to know which one is best for you. […]

best money transfer apps

Online cross-border payments are on an upward trend. In 2018, the total transaction value of P2P money transfers worldwide was $65,761,000 –– by 2022; it’s projected to reach $133,795,000. The U.S. is leading this trend in 2018 with transaction values accounting for $15,138,000. Thanks to technology, we are more connected with people around the world […]

CurrencyFair review

CurrencyFair is a marketplace built to connect people who need to move money to and from different countries. In doing so, users who have corresponding needs can find each other. This CurrencyFair review will look at the benefits and disadvantages of CurrencyFair when compared to other money exchange and transfer services. Fully-licensed and regulated by […]

HiFx Money Transfer Services

HiFX was established in the UK in 1998 to provide a cheaper way for customers to send money overseas. The company was bought in 2014 by Euronet Worldwide, which is also the parent company to money transfer services Ria and Euronet is the third largest money transfer business in the world. Since the buyout, […]

Walmart2world money transfer Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer by a sizeable margin. In 2014, it launched its Walmart2Walmart domestic money transfer service powered by Ria. This enabled Americans to affordably and quickly send money to each other through U.S. Walmart locations. Earlier this year, the company took it a step further by partnering with Moneygram to launch […]

Best CD Rates

The 5 Best CD Rates of 2018

If you want to stash your cash somewhere safe but don’t want to deal with an ultra-low annual percentage yield (APY) in your savings account, you can put your money into a certificate of deposit (CD) instead. You’ll not only earn a higher APY, but you’ll also be restricted from taking withdrawals for a period […]

Best Money Transfer Services of 2018

The 6 Best Money Transfer Services of 2018

Whether you’re trying to transfer money to your friend sitting next to you or a loved one who lives overseas, several money transfer services can make the process quick and inexpensive. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that it no longer makes sense in most cases to do a wire transfer through your bank […]

Remitly money transfer

Remitly Money Transfers: In-Depth Review 

Remitly is a digital money transfer service enabling overseas transfers. Through proprietary mobile technology, it allows people to quickly send money from their smartphones directly to people in developing countries, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional money transfer services. About Remitly Remitly’s co-founder and chief executive officer Matthew Oppenheimer said he founded […]

Xoom review

Xoom Money Transfer: In-Depth Review

Xoom is a digital money transfer service that enables U.S. citizens to send money, reload their phones, and pay bills in a growing number of countries. It is not for sending money within the U.S. The company began in 2001 in San Francisco, California and was bought by PayPal in 2015. It now features PayPal […]