Medical supplies that are FSA-eligible

Article Summary: An item is FSA eligible if it is likely to be covered by a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). FSA funds can be spent on any health-related expenses that do not include your monthly insurance premiums. You have to spend your funds by December 31 every year. However, there are many creative ways to […]

a voided check

How to Void a Check

 Article Summary: A void check means the check no longer holds any monetary value, which is helpful when setting up a direct deposit or an automatic payment. Checks may seem like something from the past, but there are still several reasons why you may need to know how to void a check. Knowing how to […]

Woman buying lottery tickets with a debit card

Article Summary Yes, you can buy lottery tickets with a debit card, but some retailers may not accept a debit cards. Many states don’t accept credit cards but will accept debit cards as a cash equivalent if the retailer selling the tickets is on board. Find out which states allow you to buy lottery tickets […]

woman waits for debit card to be processed

Article Summary: Your debit card’s expiration date is the date listed next to the phrase “valid thru” or “good thru.” This date is the month and year (MM/YY) your debit card is valid until. In other words, the card expires after that day in that month. Typically, debit cards are only valid for two to […]

Chase logo with woman holding a bank card in background

Article Summary: Closing a checking account is a fairly simple process, but there is a right and wrong way to do it. If you don’t follow the right steps it could hurt your credit score or make it harder to open another checking account in the future. This applies to Chase accounts as well, so […]

Man receiving a check and wondering how long it will take to clear

Article Summary: Checks usually take two business days to clear. Your bank or credit union clears a check when they verify the payment with the payer’s account. Usually, this process takes around two business days, but it varies depending on the amount of money, your relationship with the bank, and whether it is a regular […]

Man in suit using a debit card in Mexico

Article Summary: If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you may be concerned with how you will access your money to pay for expenses. Although credit and debit cards are not accepted in all businesses in Mexico, they are widely accepted by larger businesses, such as hotels and restaurants. Mexico may be inexpensive, but it’s […]

piggy bank held within hands

Article Summary: A share savings account, or a share account, is a savings account created by a credit union. These accounts will offer interest that is variable in nature. The term “share” can also refer to a checking account at a credit union, as well. Every single day, new financial products and accounts seem to […]

Happy Millennial banking on his mobile

Article Summary: It’s no secret that Millennials are not the biggest fans of banking institutions. However, financial technology companies, such as Douugh, SoFi, and Chime, are joining forces with traditional banks to change the way Millennials (and everyone else) bank. Millennials have trust issues when it comes to large banking institutions. Here are three statistics […]

Young woman on phone with a custom debit card in her hand

 Article Summary: Custom debit and credit cards are fun and easy to get. Many financial institutions offer customization options for free (for those who hold accounts with them) or for a small fee. You can also visit a third party’s site and customize by submitting your own image or choosing from other pre-selected designs. We […]