plasma blood donations cost

Selling blood plasma is big business in the United States. It’s run by large corporations, such as Baxter International and Grigols, that bleed the most impoverished communities (source) to fuel a multibillion-dollar industry. Many developed countries have banned the commercialization of blood, but in the United States, it’s the 10th most valuable export product. The […]

What is a cd or certificate of deposit

If you have some savings lying around in an account, you should ask yourself, “Am I earning as much interest as I could be?” If you’re keeping your money in a savings account, the answer is usually no. Although some banks and credit unions do offer high-yield account options, a certificate of deposit (CD) will […]

top 50 credit union in the US

If you’re considering a credit union, you are probably attracted to the low fees and competitive interest rates. One of the reasons they can afford to do so because they’re not-for-profit. Credit unions are owned by their own members, not anonymous investors. While banks use profits to pay owners and shareholders, credit unions give their […]