If you have some savings lying around in an account, you should ask yourself, “Am I earning as much interest as I could be?” If you’re keeping your money in a savings account, the answer is usually no. Although some banks and credit unions do offer high-yield account options, a certificate of deposit (CD) will […]

The 5 Best CD Rates of 2020

If you want to stash your cash somewhere safe but don’t want to deal with an ultra-low annual percentage yield (APY) in your savings account, you can put your money into a certificate of deposit (CD) instead. You’ll not only earn a higher APY, but you’ll also be restricted from taking withdrawals for a period […]

Credit unions typically offer low fees and competitive interest rates, making them an attractive alternative to banks. They can afford to do so because they’re not-for-profit: credit unions are owned by their own members, not anonymous investors. While banks use profits to pay owners and shareholders, credit unions give their profits back to their membership. […]