wires, partly with blue glow, passing between metal panels in symbolic representation of electronic fund transfers

Article Summary: ACH withdrawals are the electronic version of writing a check to a financial institution. They are automated and are done through an electronic process that makes recurring bill payments easier for customers. If you have a recurring bill, you might have noticed an option to pay via ACH withdrawal. This is one of […]

Hand holding a pen about to right on a check

Article Summary: As long as the credit union or bank’s routing number and account number on your check are current, you can still use a check with an old address. Current address information is not as important as current checking account information, which is what financial institutions use to process checks. Occasionally a payee may […]

image of a million dollar check to represent fraud

Article Summary: Positive Pay is one of the most reliable systems to help prevent check fraud. Positive Pay compares past checks with the current checks presented for payment. Major discrepancies or errors will lead to an alert, giving a financial institution a way to prevent loss and fraud. In the world of finance, few terms […]

Check with signature and amount written in with a silver pen next to it

Article Summary: The main difference between single and duplicate checks is that duplicate checks create a carbon copy behind each original check, while single checks do not. If you own a small business or make a lot of payments, duplicate checks can be an effective way to keep track of your transactions. Most people don’t […]

One hand reaching to receive a check from another hand across a desk

Article Summary: A counter check is a blank form you can get at a bank or credit union. Counter checks, also called starter checks, are most often used when someone opens a new checking account. They can be printed and used instantly, and function as a personal check. However, this check does come with a […]

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard while holding a credit card

How to Bypass a CVV Code

Article Summary: CVV codes protect consumers who shop online or over the phone, where a physical credit card can’t be presented to a retailer. There is really no legal way to bypass a CVV code, although you will not have to use it at a brick-and-mortar store when acquiring goods and services in person. When […]

One hand reaching to receive a check from another hand across a desk

Can I Write a Check to Myself?

Article Summary: Writing a check to yourself is a legal way to transfer money safely. You can write a check to yourself to transfer funds to a personal checking account or to move funds between accounts at the same bank. Aside from writing a check to yourself, you can also transfer funds electronically through ACH […]

Chase logo with woman holding a bank card in background

 Article Summary: A debit card provides you with quick access to your personal funds. Every time you withdraw money or make a payment using your debit card, you’ll enter the PIN associated with that card. This provides an additional layer of security to protect your money. You can change your PIN at any time, and […]

a voided check

How to Void a Check

 Article Summary: A void check means the check no longer holds any monetary value, which is helpful when setting up a direct deposit or an automatic payment. Checks may seem like something from the past, but there are still several reasons why you may need to know how to void a check. Knowing how to […]