Woman tries to make a purchase with a debit card

Article Summary The chips on today’s credit and debit cards make them more secure than old cards with only magnetic strips. But what if your card’s chip stops working? What then? This article will tell you how to deal with this problem. It will also give you some advice for avoiding the problem in the […]

consumer enters debit card zip code on a laptop

Article Summary Each debit card has a zip code associated with the user’s billing address that is used as a security code for certain purchases. This is also generally true of credit cards, but not prepaid Visa gift cards. It is important to remember your zip code, as it will be used frequently. Here are […]

Couple looking at tablet screen for a refund

Article Summary: Canceling your debit card doesn’t prevent you from getting a refund. If your debit card is canceled before you can receive your refund, it will often deposit into your checking account. If your bank account is canceled, you’ll need to reach out to your bank to find another avenue for receiving your refund. […]

Lady on cellphone looking for a second chance bank account

Article Summary: Past banking mistakes could be preventing your access to a traditional checking account. If so, you have options. A second chance bank account can do two things for you. It can give you the standard banking features you need, and it can allow you to repair your banking history. This article will tell […]

lady shops with debit card

Can You Track a Debit Card?

Article Summary: Although there isn’t a way for consumers to track the exact location of a debit card, card issuers certainly have their ways to track your spending. This article will explain the purpose of smart chips or EMV chips and address a few ways that you can keep tabs on your credit card and […]

Buy stocks with a debit card

Article Summary: Today’s investment platforms offer more options than ever. This includes the option of buying stocks with a debit card. Discover how to buy stocks and which options allow you to use your debit card. Table of contents: Opening your brokerage account Fund your investment account with your debit card Pros and cons of […]

How To Find My Debit Card Number Online

Article Summary: If you’re trying to find your debit card number online, you’ve come to the right place. If there’s a way to do this in your case, this article will guide you in the right direction. If there’s not, this article will tell you why that might be good news. Read on to learn […]

Can You Purchase Airline Tickets With a Debit Card

Article Summary: Can you book a flight with your debit card? Yes, you can. This article will tell you things to keep in mind when buying plane tickets with debit cards. It will also tell you why you might want to consider credit cards instead if you fly often. Table of contents: Choose your plastic: […]