Fintech Cybersecurity

Hector Xavier Monsegur also known also by the online pseudonym Sabu, is an American computer hacker known for being part of a small, ultra-skilled group of hackers within Anonymous and co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec. The groups claimed responsiblity for cyber attacks against government systems in Tunisia, Algeria, as well as the U.S. Senate, corporations […]

high yield checking accounts

Think stashing money in a savings account is a waste of money? The average savings account interest rate in 2018 was 0.06% APY (and has been since 2013). The inflation rate in 2017 was 2.15%. The savings accounts with the highest interest rates max out at 1.11% APY. So, yes, you have a point. But […]

Nutmeg Review: How Investing Should Be

Nutmeg is a new online investment tool based in the UK that is injecting spice into the retail investment market and makes managing your investment portfolio as easy as pie. It was founded in 2011 by a team of former City (London) investment managers. The web-based discretionary investment management company provides similar services to those […]

10 Best Credit Unions Compared

Choosing between a credit union and a traditional bank can be a challenge. In most cases, credit unions offer lower loan rates, lower fees, and a higher savings return. Like banks, credit unions come in all shapes and sizes. Researching which credit union is for you is just as important as deciding how to budget […]

You’ve had it. The mob bosses in charge of your money – otherwise known as your bank – have taken you to the cleaners one too many times. They like to post debits before credits and their on-line balances can lag a day behind. You start to ask yourself, Good question. According to a 2013 […]

Top 10 Personal Banks For 2015

Without even knowing it, your personal bank can really make or break your view on financial institutions. Since it is something most of us use each and every day, having a disorganized bank with high fees can really take a toll on your wallet. Interest rates can help your money pile grow without you realizing […]

top 50 credit union in the US

Top 50 Credit Unions In The US

Why Choose A Credit Union? Credit unions provide an attractive alternative to banks for many Americans. Fees and loan rates are usually lower and interest rates returned on your savings are generally higher. This is because credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by their account holders, also known as members. They are also […]

Income Volatility

According to a 2014 report issued by the Federal Reserve, nearly a third of all Americans reported experiencing wide variations of income over the course of a typical year. A 2013 Federal Reserve report claimed that for a particularly unfortunate 10 percent of workers, feast or famine cycles represent a way of life – occurring […]

federal reserve

It’s commonly assumed that paper money is backed by the government, but a closer look at the money in your wallet reveals otherwise. Check out any one of the bills in your wallet. You’ll see a notation across the top that reads “Federal Reserve Note” which at one time said, “United States Note”  as shown […]

Who earns more money, introverts or extroverts?  If you said extroverts, you were correct. Extroverts score higher on both job satisfaction and income than introverts, according to the results of surveys conducted in April 2015 by Truity Psychometrics. That’s in no small part because extroverts make up a majority of the American population – by some […]