secured credit cards that repair credit

If you have bad credit or you’re looking to get your first credit account, a credit card can help you establish a great credit score. But getting a credit card isn’t always wise or possible. For example, student credit cards typically have an income requirement, which is hard to meet if you’re going to school full time. And secured credit […]

fixed APR Vs. Variable APR

Are you currently shopping for a credit card, mortgage, or any other type of loan? If so, one of the first questions to ask yourself is which type of annual percentage rate (APR) is right for you. You have two options: fixed or variable. A loan with a fixed APR has an interest rate that typically stays the same […]

Young woman researching credit cards that help rebuild credit

Which Credit Card is the Best to Build Credit?

Credit cards are a great way to build credit if you use them responsibly. But if you pick the wrong one, you might just be spinning your wheels. If you’re wondering which credit card is the best to build credit, the answer is simple: any credit card that reports your account activity to all three […]

best citibank credit cards

The Six Best Citi Credit Cards of 2018

Citibank is the third largest bank in the U.S. As you would expect, it has a wide range of credit card options. These are the best Citibank credit cards of 2018. There is a Citi card designed for nearly every type of customer — from students who are first-time credit card users to heavy spenders […]

What Retail Stores Offer Credit Cards

If you’ve ever shopped at a large retailer, you’ve probably gotten the pitch: “You can get a discount if you apply for our credit card.” Perhaps you’ve been tempted by the offer, or maybe you’ve wondered what other options there are. Most major retailers offer a store credit card that you can use for purchases […]

what is a virtual credit card

Whether you are shopping online or giving your credit card number over the phone, it can be scary to share your personal information. Criminals are constantly searching for cracks in the system to steal your information. This is where virtual credit card numbers can protect you. But what is a virtual credit card and why […]

which credit is easiest to get

Whether you’re looking to improve your credit score or just need a credit card for the credit line, you may be wondering which credit card is the easiest to get? Eligibility requirements are especially important if your credit score is relatively low. Many credit card issuers tout easy-approval and instant-approval credit cards. But it’s important […]

How to qualify for a Best Buy credit card

If you spend so much time at Best Buy that you’re an honorary member of the Geek Squad, you might be considering getting a credit card from the retailer. But if your credit needs some work, you may be wondering, “How can I get approved for a Best Buy credit card?” No matter where you […]