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Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve run your company for years, a business credit card can help you cover expenses while offering rewards and perks. One of the biggest drawbacks of business credit cards, however, is that they typically require a personal guarantee. Also called joint and several liability, a personal guarantee requires […]

Best Amex credit card

Jump to a section Blue Cash Everyday®: Best for No Annual Fee Blue Cash Preferred®: Best for Gas and Groceries Starwood Preferred Guest®: Best for Travel Amex Everyday®: 0% APR SimplyCash® Plus: Best For Small Business American Express FAQ American Express (Amex) is a multinational financial services corporation. According to Fortune 500, American Express has […]

Build your Business Credit

When running a business, it can be difficult to secure the funding you need using just your personal credit. The needs of a business are often far more expansive than those of a single person. For example, you may need cash for research and development, capital expenditures, expansion, staffing or just plain survival. Furthermore, when […]

Getting a credit card for business that includes travel rewards is about balancing the perks with your needs, especially if you travel often. Because business trips come with more expenses compared to personal travel, it helps to have a card that makes your frequent trips a little more seamless. Often, the more you use a […]

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Starting and running a business is a challenging task and typically requires a great deal of capital. Getting a credit card solely for your new business is a bit of a no brainer, but which one will work best for you? Both the Chase Ink Card and the Capital One Spark Card are solid business […]

Best Small Business Credit Cards

Credit cards are an excellent financing tool for startups and small businesses. They offer a fast source of credit, generous reward rates, and large sign-up bonuses. Business credit cards can also help you build your company’s credit and solve cash flow problems. However, there are hundreds of small business cards to choose from. Which are the best […]

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Business credit cards are an excellent way to convert business expenses into cash back and travel points. They are also an inexpensive way to reward employees (or yourself) with valuable travel perks. Although personal credit cards have their place in an entrepreneur’s toolbox, companies need their own business credit card. Once a business has progressed […]

Shares for the Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, opened at $92.70 a share on the New York Exchange last Friday. This made Alibaba the biggest initial public offering in U.S. History and Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba, the richest man in China. (NPR) If you don’t know what Alibaba is, imagine an online company that […]

Studies indicate that women are smarter and more educated than men. A Penn medical study concludes that women are better than men at multitasking and creating group-oriented solutions. According to Harvard Business School, they are also better leaders. All of these traits are key qualities for successful entrepreneurs. So why are men twice as likely to run […]

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It used to be daring and unusual to march off to start your own business. Not so any longer. Today, solopreneurs, freelancers, contract workers, “permatemps” and other non-employed workers make up one third of the American workforce. Still others successful operate small and micro businesses, employing 1-50 workers. Some of these folks are surprised when… Read More

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