What is 0% APR

What is a 0% APR offer?

Are you applying for a new credit card? If so, you’ve probably encountered 0% APR offers. In the right situation, this perk can be hugely beneficial. A 0% APR credit card offer can help you pay off your debt or cover costs in an emergency. But there’s a catch: no 0% APR offer lasts forever. […]

Best Amex credit card

American Express (Amex) is a multinational financial services corporation. According to Fortune 500, American Express has $1 trillion in billed business worldwide and 110 million cards in force, so they must be doing something right. So it’s natural to question which are the best American Express credit cards out there. When shopping for a personal […]

How to finance dental work

37 Million People in the U.S. without dental insurance (Source). Whether you need a cavity filled or a simple teeth cleaning, dental work is expensive—especially for people without insurance. No one looks forward to a visit to the dentist. And if you’ve neglected your teeth because of a lack of money, you’re not alone. An […]