Woman accepting a Discover credit card from a customer

Article Summary: You can get a Discover credit line increase either automatically or through a formal request. You can give them a call or message them through your mobile app or online account to ask for a credit line increase. Your chances are best if you haven’t reached or exceeded your current credit limit, have […]

Man holding his credit cards, thinking about how to refinance his credit card debt

What Is Credit Card Refinancing?

Article Summary: Credit card refinancing is similar to other kinds of refinancing: You take out a new loan or credit card to pay off the old debts. Ideally, your new loan will have a better interest rate and repayment plan than your original debt. There are several methods of credit card refinancing that could help […]

Man looking concerned because he went over his credit card's limit

Article Summary: An overdraft is a term that refers to spending more money than what is available in your checking account. As your credit card is not your checking account, you can’t technically overdraft it. However, you can exceed your credit limit, which can have similar consequences to an overdraft. For example, if you’re enrolled […]

Young woman looking questioningly to the side

Article Summary: You don’t need a job to get a credit card; you just need a reliable source of income. Income can come in many different forms. Scholarships, unemployment benefits, and child support can all count as income on a credit card application. You can also list your parent’s or spouse’s income on an application […]

Woman smiling at computer with dollar sign above

Article Summary: Chase Ultimate Rewards points and AmEx Membership Rewards points are two of the most robust and popular transferable miles and points programs around. Which one is better for you depends largely on your preference for different airline and hotel partners and other ways in which you choose to redeem your collected points. If […]

Couple smiling at a phone and holding a credit card

What is Purchase APR?

Article Summary: Credit card companies use your credit card’s purchase APR to calculate the interest added to your remaining balance. You may have a fixed APR, which stays the same from month to month, or a variable APR, which may vary between months, depending on your card’s terms. If you’re like most people, you probably […]

Close-up of a MasterCard on top of a Visa credit card

Article Summary: All credit cards are the same size as far as width and length, although they can vary nominally in thickness. Basically, all identification cards, credit cards, and debit cards in your wallet are about 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Credit card size was developed and standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) […]

Man giving credit card to a hotel front desk employee

Article Summary: When a hotel charges your credit card depends on the property, its policies, and the platform where you book the room. Most hotels require payment at the time of check-out if you booked directly through its website or made a hotel reservation online. However, an upfront payment may sometimes be required. One of […]

Woman holding a credit card and coffee cup looking at a laptop

Article Summary: It takes one to three business days for credit card payments to process and reflect in the receiving bank account. This varies depending on the processors, card issuers, networks, and financial institutions involved. Did you know that there are more than one billion active credit cards in the U.S? Or that more than […]

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard while holding a credit card

Article Summary Credit cards do not have routing numbers, as these numbers are used to transfer money between bank accounts or different financial institutions. Instead, credit cards have a 15- or 16-digit number that identifies the issuing company and the holder’s account number. If you’ve signed up for a direct deposit or transferred funds to […]

Hands typing on a keyboard with images of shopping carts around fingers

Article Summary A cash back credit or debit card, also known as “cashback cards,” refunds customers, in cash, based on a percentage of the money they spend. Some cards have a flat cash back rate while others offer higher percentages of cash back for different spending categories. Cash back rewards programs offer different ways to […]

Father and son sitting on a couch smiling at a tablet while the father holds a credit card

Article Summary: Technically, anyone over the age of 18 or who is a legal adult get their own credit card. However, regardless of age, applicants will need to prove that they can financially support themselves and the responsibility of having their own card. One of the first signs of financial independence for young adults and […]

Close-up of a MasterCard on top of a Visa card

Article Summary: The number of points you can raise your credit score by opening a secured credit card depends on whether you are starting with no credit or trying to rebuild credit. By using your secured credit card and making your payments on time, you can improve your credit score on multiple fronts. Just make […]

Woman holding a credit card and coffee cup looking at a laptop

Article Summary: Credit card rewards are typically not taxable if you have to meet a spending threshold to earn them. This is the case for your personal credit card as well as any cards you use for business expenses. But there are some exceptions, so be sure to read the fine print. For instance, if […]

Person sitting on floor with legs crossed and papers scattered on floor

How to Build Credit at 18

Article Summary: You can build up your credit score even at a young age by becoming an authorized user or getting a secured credit card or credit builder loan. However, you can’t get a great score just by opening accounts. You’ll have to continue building your credit by making timely payments and maintaining a balanced […]

Typing with credit card

What Is Available Credit?

Article Summary Available credit is different than your credit limit. It consists of the amount left to spend on your credit card (or cards) after you subtract the balance, and it is a key factor in determining your FICO credit score. You should try to maintain a high percentage of available credit in order to […]

Person holding a metal credit card with a pair of scissors at the edge of the card

Article Summary: Metal credit cards are practically indestructible. Hey, that’s one of the reasons they are so popular. But when it’s expired or you’re getting a replacement card, metal cards can be a pain to destroy. Giving the old card to your branch or cutting it with the proper tools are some of the best […]