lady concerned because she is being called by debt collectors

Article Summary: Debt collection calls can be bothersome, incessant, and, in some cases, illegal. Collection calls can be made for a variety of reasons, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself, should they become unwanted. In addition to using the 11-word phrase to stop debt collectors, you can also send a cease […]

Man searching online for "what is the maturity date of a loan"

Article Summary: The maturity date of a loan maturity is the last day you have to fully pay off your loan plus any added interest. Failing to pay off the debt by the maturity date could result in a late fee or, in the case of a mortgage, foreclosure. If you are unable to meet […]

Man looking upset at sheet of paper

 Article Summary: In most cases, defaulting on your mortgage means that you failed to make sufficient repayments on your mortgage, which can result in many issues. These issues range in severity from impacting your credit rating to losing your home. In this article, we will discuss what it means to default on a mortgage and […]

debt collectors tax refund

Article Summary: If you have outstanding debts, you may worry that a debt collector could take your tax refund. Depending on the debt and to whom you owe it, you could have good cause to worry. This article will tell you when and how your tax refund might get taken to cover your debts. It […]

plasma blood donations cost

Selling blood plasma is big business in the United States. It’s run by large corporations, such as Baxter International and Grigols, that bleed the most impoverished communities (source) to fuel a multibillion-dollar industry. Many developed countries have banned the commercialization of blood, but in the United States, it’s the 10th most valuable export product. The […]

when is debt settlement a good idea -- bankruptcy get rid of tax debt

Many debt settlement companies claim to help you settle your debt for at least half of your outstanding balance. But does this offer ring true? What can debt settlement really do for you? How do you know when to settle debt, and when will it do more harm than good? Let’s explore the risks and […]

SuperMoney debt settlement

This comprehensive debt settlement industry study investigates multiple data sources to reveal trends and statistics. The debt settlement industry has grown rapidly since 2005, when it first became a widely available option for consumers. Although still a controversial financial service, it is now a significant part of the debt relief sector. This study compiles available […]