What credit score do you need for a Walmart credit card

So you realize you shouldn’t rack up credit card debt, have stopped spending, and are paying down your balances. You’re on the right path. The problem is, your interest rates are high and it’s taking too long to pay off your balances. Well, there may be a better repayment strategy: a debt consolidation loan. Instead of making […]

Whether you’re drowning in credit card debt or simply want to reduce the number and amount of payments you make each month, consolidating credit cards is a savvy financial move. However, all methods of consolidating credit cards are not created equal. The ten strategies below vary from extremely desirable to approaches that should be considered […]

Marrying someone with bad credit

If you are planning on marrying someone with bad credit, you’re probably wondering how it’s going to affect you. Will you still be able to get approved for credit lines? Will your credit score become the average of both scores? Nobody wants their hard-earned credit to be lost. Well, don’t throw engagement ring out the […]