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A bad credit score affects more people than you may think. Roughly 77 million Americans have a debt payment that is at least 180 days past due (source). If you are one of them, you may struggle to find lenders who will accept your loan applications. This guide explains in detail what options are available to […]

Financial goals

What are your goals in life? Do you want to travel, go to college, start a family, retire at 40, build a business, or all of the above? Regardless of what your dreams are, reaching them usually requires careful planning and money. These five steps will help you set and achieve your financial goals. 1. […]

credit card consolidation loan

Have your credit card accounts gotten a little out of control? Maybe more than a little? Are you wondering what you can do to help you manage your debt more effectively? Bringing it all together under one lender with one payment is a solid option, which brings us to credit card consolidation personal loans. Aside […]

debt consolidation excessive debt

In 1964, United States Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart attempted to describe his threshold test for obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio, famously saying it was difficult to define, but “I know it when I see it.” People often think of excessive debt this way. They may not have a ready definition for what counts as excessive […]

consolidate debt collections

You hit a bump in the financial road and some of your debt has gone into collections. And the collections agencies won’t stop calling. It’s enough to make you crazy. Are there any solutions other than just paying what you owe as soon as you can? One option you can consider is debt consolidation for […]


Is your business suffering from cash flow problems?  According to the Federal Reserve’s 2016 Small Business Credit Survey, 61% of employer small businesses faced financial challenges last year, and 25% had trouble paying their debt. If you are in this position, business debt consolidation can help you get the situation under control. Debt consolidation is […]

pros and cons of debt consolidation

Article Summary Consolidating your credit card debt can be a smart move if you can get a lower interest rate than what you’re currently paying across your debts. When done right, it can reduce interest costs, lower your monthly payment, or help you get out of debt faster. $756 Billion Credit Card Balance in U.S […]