drone flying

Article Summary: Piloting a drone is an increasingly popular business due to improvements in drone technology and availability. You can start a drone business in a variety of fields, including real estate and wedding photography, aerial surveying, precision agriculture, search and rescue, inspection services, drone deliveries, and more. The start-up costs for a drone business […]

Illustration showing examples of capital goods used to manufacture consumer goods

Article Summary: Capital goods are the goods used in manufacturing processes and industrial output. Buildings, machinery, equipment, vehicles, and tools are all examples of capital goods, and many jobs are available in the capital goods industry. Most of the best-paying jobs available in capital goods require technical skills associated with white-collar jobs, but there are […]

Woman interviewing man for job

Article Summary: For the most part, the term “white-collar job” is used to describe occupations where workers sit at a desk and use a computer. Office environment jobs such as accounting, marketing, and banking would be included under this umbrella. Blue-collar positions, usually considered the “working class,” often include some type of manual labor, such […]

focused male driver with glasses drives his maroon car for cash

Article Summary: Rideshare, food delivery, and grocery delivery apps are the most common ways to make money with your car. However, you can also get into advertising or turn your car into a rental. Times are hard, and that means people are starting to become more interested in earning money than ever before. Or, rather, […]

plasma blood donations cost

Selling blood plasma is big business in the United States. It’s run by large corporations, such as Baxter International and Grigols, that bleed the most impoverished communities (source) to fuel a multibillion-dollar industry. Many developed countries have banned the commercialization of blood, but in the United States, it’s the 10th most valuable export product. The […]

average income of side jobs

If you are one of the 27 million individuals who work part-time roles in the United States, chances are that you have some time on your hands. If you do, have you considered working side jobs from home? In today’s gig economy, it is possible for you to work from home or share your thoughts for some […]

average income of side jobs

Are you looking to save extra money or pay off debt? Or maybe you just want some extra cash in your pocket for the weekends. Regardless of your specific goal, finding a side job can help. Here are the best side jobs from home currently out there. But getting a second job away from home adds yet another […]

smart money moves

It used to be if you wanted to live the “American Dream,” you went out and got a full-time job. That dream is changing. 39% to 44% of millenials have side jobs. According to a survey by ReportLinker, while 77% of the U.S. working population is full-time, more than 8% of employees have left full-time […]

make some extra cash with these side jobs

Technology always influences the economy, but it’s done so in a particularly dramatic way over the past few years. In particular, the rising availability and popularity of GPS-enabled smartphones, laptop computers, online freelancer platforms, and time tracking apps allow people to easily find clients themselves and work from home rather than seek employment in a traditional […]

elements of a valid contract

When most people hear the word contract, they think of ponderous parchment documents stuffed with legal mumbo-jumbo. In reality, a valid contract doesn’t need to be complicated. It only requires an offer by one entity and acceptance by another. As long as each side negotiates in good faith, many straightforward exchanges of goods or services […]

Working second job

Whether you’re moonlighting at a second job or launching your own business on the side, you have decided to take on additional work in a bid to make more money, promote your career prospects, or both. While you are certainly to be applauded for your hard work and ambition, you might also want to exercise […]