make some extra cash with these side jobs

Technology always influences the economy, but it’s done so in a particularly dramatic way over the past few years. In particular, the rising availability and popularity of GPS-enabled smartphones, laptop computers, online freelancer platforms, and time tracking apps allow people to easily find clients themselves and work from home rather than seek employment in a traditional […]

elements of a valid contract

When most people hear the word contract, they think of ponderous parchment documents stuffed with legal mumbo-jumbo. In reality, a valid contract doesn’t need to be complicated. It only requires an offer by one entity and acceptance by another. As long as each side negotiates in good faith, many straightforward exchanges of goods or services […]

Whether you’re moonlighting at a second job or launching your own business on the side, you have decided to take on additional work in a bid to make more money, promote your career prospects or both. While you are certainly to be applauded for your hard work and ambition, you might also want to exercise […]

erica duran lifestyle business coach

Erica Duran gives expert support, guidance, and accountability to modern service-based online entrepreneurs who what to make an abundance of money ($5K-$20K+ per month) doing what they love from anywhere. Recently, Erica shared some of her advice on getting out of an unfavorable job situation and setting a course for owning a business that suits […]

Going to college can be the best time of your life, but it can also be the hardest time, financially. It’s difficult to strike the perfect balance between school and work when you need to ensure you make enough money, while still leaving enough time for studying. Also, as the old saying goes, all work […]

If you can’t afford that lavish vacation you’ve always dreamed about and you’re not driving the type of car you always wanted, you may have chosen the wrong profession. Of course, saving and spending wisely helps get you where you want to go financially, but the following top 20 high-paying careers can sure get you […]