The Paralyzing Effect of Choice

Have you ever stopped to think about just how many decisions you make each and every day? Some choices are very simple, such as choosing to get up in the morning and going to work rather than being fired for not showing up. Others are more complex. Much more complex. You want to buy a […]

It is traditionally known as the last weekend of the summer. And let’s face it – we don’t get another three day weekend until when? So before it is over, why not enjoy it as much as possible? Here are some great, inexpensive ways to enjoy your Labor Day weekend. 1. Enjoy your local parks […]

pay it forward personal loans

Real Life Examples of Paying it Forward!

We live in a world where “there is no such things as a free lunch.” People don’t work for free, and investors don’t give out personal loans without interest. Even when friends or family do you a “favor” there are usually strings attached. Which is why it is so refreshing (and rare) when people are […]

Top 15 Cities

It’s a beautiful country we live in. But to enjoy some of that beauty, you’re probably going to have to pay a bit more than average. So what is “average” in the United States these days? It turns out there is no simple answer to that question when you consider all the different factors that […]

Who doesn’t love IKEA? This Swedish import has made stylish living both affordable and easy. But many IKEA shoppers aren’t satisfied with accepting standard IKEA designs and furnishings.  With a combination of creativity and an easy to moderate level of do-it-yourself skills, many popular IKEA items can be hacked into amazing, functional objects that look […]

Teen Job Ideas Title

14 Cool Job Ideas for Kids of All Ages

You see them featured on television. Wonderkids who’ve made their first million. But those kids didn’t emerge from the womb knowing how to make money. They started young. One of our favorite billionaires, Warren Buffet, ran a newspaper delivery business at the age of 13. And this fifteen-year-old launched a started up with money he got […]

Don’t you just hate those days when you brain is as slow as a three-legged turtle? Chin up. You can boost your brain power with ways you’ve probably never thought of before. What’s more – they’re scientifically proven. So strap on your thinking cap and flex your muscle memory by following these tips. Really interested in […]

10 Last-Minute Labor Day Staycation Ideas

Labor Day weekend is a bittersweet holiday. Since it was first celebrated, it has been a weekend for friends and families to get together, relax and have fun. But it’s also the unofficial end of summer, which can make Labor Day a reminder of how fast summer went by and all the things you hoped […]

Have you ever wondered why men’s body products are always in shades of gray and red? Or why many female products are pink and flowery? These design choices aren’t random, nor are they solely chosen for aesthetic appeal. Positioning and Image Creation Many companies rely on advertising to sell their image, product, and brand. As […]