Hands holding up two passports with illustrations on them

Summary: Having dual citizenship, complete with a second passport, comes with multiple benefits. In addition to the more traditional ways by which countries grant citizenship — such as by birth, naturalization, or marriage — several countries also offer citizenship by investment or by descent. The easiest countries to get citizenship include Malta, Portugal, Turkey, Vanuatu, […]

Large TV antennas, some of the equipment involved in the telecommunications industry

Summary: The telecommunications equipment industry offers over 400,000 jobs spanning both blue- and white-collar sectors. Telecommunication describes the equipment and technology that underpins the way that we communicate with each other in the modern world. From telephone poles to fiberoptic cables, telecommunications equipment enables us to send videos, texts, phone calls, and even engage in […]

Tesla charging at a charging port, and the the cost to charge this Tesla is minor

Summary: The cost to charge Tesla electric vehicles varies based on the type of charger used, the model of the car, the size of the battery, and the cost of electricity in your area. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the national average cost of residential electricity use is 16.09 cents per kilowatt hour […]

Young woman wondering how to get out of a lease with a roommate

Summary: To get out of a lease with a roommate, first try to negotiate a temporary solution. If that doesn’t work, see if your landlord will let you look for a new person to take your place as a roommate or subletter. Whatever your situation, make sure to stay in contact with your landlord and […]

Couple reviewing their finances to figure out how they can become financially independent

Summary: To start achieving financial independence you’ll need to outline your financial goals, calculate how much money you’ll need, manage your finances wisely, and pay off credit card debt. Perseverance and a solid financial plan will help you gain financial independence, lower your stress, and give you the freedom to enjoy your time on your […]

Couple learning about credit and how credit works

Summary: Credit is your ability to borrow money, usually based on how responsibly you’ve used debt in the past. It can also refer to a loan agreement between a lender and a borrower. If you’ve ever attempted to make a major purchase, then you probably understand just how important credit is. It can help you […]

Traveler waiting to board flight that he bought through Expedia points

Summary: You can use Expedia Rewards points to purchase flights, hotels, rental cars, and other travel expenses from your Expedia account. To get these points, you spend money on hotels, rental cars, flights, vacation packages, cruises, or activities and earn points that can be redeemed for future travel. How many bonus points you earn per […]

Economists analyzing gas prices, looking for signs of demand destruction

Summary: Demand destruction is the permanent reduction of demand for a good or service in response to high prices or limited supply. Regardless of whether you drive, most of us are acutely aware of gas prices, especially when they’re on the rise. And when these prices continue to increase car owners search for substitutes to […]

Screenshot of the FTC's complaint webpage

Summary: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that Credit Karma used “dark patterns” to mislead customers into believing they were pre-approved for credit card offers, even though they may not have been creditworthy. Credit Karma agreed to pay $3 million to consumers who may have been affected by these offers and will no longer use […]

Stacks of coins and wedding figurines on opposite ends of a seesaw, representing the cost of a wedding and how many people you should invite to your wedding

Summary: How many people you should invite to your wedding depends largely on your wedding budget. Many wedding expenses, such as the wedding attire, stylist, wedding planner, catering, bar service, and venue, depend on the size of your guest list. If you want to invite too many people, try offering a video meeting platform as […]

Renovation plans with a home model on top, representing the home renovations that could decrease your property value

Summary: Some home renovations that could decrease your property value include installing a swimming pool or hot tub. Other renovations, such as luxury bathrooms and kitchens, may increase the value of the property but are expensive and have a negative return on your investment. Before remodeling, consider whether you intend to sell your property soon […]

Wooden house model sitting on top of a stack of money with a pen and calculator in the background

Summary A buy-down rate is a mortgage financing tool to reduce your interest rate. While it can be an excellent investment when rates are steep, it is not always a good idea. The key factor that determines whether or not buying down your interest rate is a good financial decision is how long you plan […]

Small house models on top of coin stacks, representing the different houses found while house hunting

Summary: House hunting can be overwhelming, especially during a tumultuous real estate market. To ensure you find your dream home, make sure you know how much house you can afford, get pre-approved, and start scanning housing market apps to get a better idea of home prices. Buying a house is a dream for many families. […]

Woman reviewing her bills to see if she can pay by credit card

Summary: Paying your monthly bills with a credit card can be a great way to build your credit file, track expenses, and boost your credit score. However, certain bills — such as installment-based debt — might not allow you to pay with a credit card. So before using this method to pay bills, check with […]

Bride and groom figures on stacks of coins, representing the average cost of a wedding dress

Summary: The average wedding dress costs around $1,544, though this price can vary greatly. The cost of a wedding dress depends on a variety of factors, such as where you purchase the dress, materials, and production costs. Finding your dream wedding dress can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. Some […]

bank holding company

Article Summary A bank holding company is a corporate entity that owns a controlling interest in one or more banks. Wrapping a bank into a holding company has some significant advantages, including diversification of risk as well as diversification of business revenue. Bank holding companies do not offer any banking services themselves but have the […]

Condo building, showing some of the pros and cons of buying a condo

Summary: Buying a condo can be a great option for first-time home buyers, those looking to downsize, or anyone interested in homeownership without the burden of property maintenance. However, living in a condo community isn’t for everyone. For example, you’ll need to abide by condo association rules, live in close proximity to your neighbors, and […]

Manager speaking with employees and commanding the room, one of the ways you can reach a six-figure salary

Summary: If someone is pulling in a six-figure salary, that means they’re making between $100,000 and $999,999. That’s a very large income range and, let’s be honest, a low six-figure income won’t get you as far as it used to. This is particularly true if you don’t manage, save, and invest your money wisely. Reaching […]

Investor checking market fluctuations of VTSAX vs VFIAX

Summary: VFIAX and VTSAX are two of the most popular index funds on the market. One tracks the S&P 500, while the other tracks the performance of the entire U.S. stock market. The two have a lot in common, including their holdings and long-term performance, but they also have a few differences that are important […]

Military service member in uniform smiling

Summary: The good news for veterans is that more and more states are choosing not to tax military retirement pay. Some states don’t have income tax at all, while other states only partially tax military retirement pay. As of 2023, only California and the District of Columbia fully tax military retirement pay. While the United […]