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Government shutdowns affect millions of people but they are particularly hard on poor families and low-income workers. While Congress and White House staff members continue to get paid 800,000 federal employees have seen their paychecks stop. About 420,000 “essential” employees are working without pay. This includes IRS, NASA, and TSA agents. Approximately 380,000 workers have […]

Prosper announced that they plan to work with banks, rather than compete with them when they launch a new, online Prosper HELOC product. This choice is a strategic move beyond personal loans; the only product focused on by Prosper since 2005. Their new product arrives at a time when HELOC lines of credit are predicted […]

See how Figure HELOC loans are changing the way we see home equity lines of credit.

Figure is a San Francisco-based financial technology company led by co-founder and CEO Mike Cagney. You may recognize Cagney’s name as he was the former co-founder and CEO of SoFi. Cagney launched Figure in stealth mode at the beginning of this year, leaving many people wondering what it was up to. Well, the cat is out of […]

Reverse mortgage SuperMoney

A reverse mortgage is a loan for homeowners who are 62 and older who want to convert part of the equity in their home into cash (usually tax-free). The borrower keeps the title of the house and is still responsible for paying property taxes, utilities, home insurance, maintenance, and other related costs. It can be a great […]

When shopping around for a home equity loan, getting one with the lowest costs and interest rate should be your top priority. While it’s important to consider the big traditional lenders, new lenders like LoanDepot are not only making it easier to get a loan, but they’re also helping make it cheaper. Who are LoanDepot […]

home equity loan vs line of credit

Whether you’re trying to consolidate high-interest credit card debt, finance a home improvement project, or borrow for any other reason, home equity loans and lines of credit can be a great way to borrow at a low interest rate. But which is best? This home equity loan vs. line of credit review guide will help […]

Patch Homes Review

Patch Homes is a new company offering you home equity financing without any monthly payments. Yes, the concept is new. If you’re wondering what the catch is and how it actually works, you’re not alone. This Patch Homes review explains in detail how home equity loans without payments work, who they are designed for, and […]

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One of the joys of owning your home is that you have the freedom to change it. Maybe you want to knock down a wall in your kitchen or add windows so you can admire your backyard over breakfast. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you might add a second story and create the game room […]

Should you pay credit card debt with a HELOC

Credit card debt is expensive. As of February 2017, the Federal Reserve lists the average credit card annual percentage rate (APR) at 13.86%. And depending on your credit situation and the kind of card you choose, your APR could be much higher. So, does it make sense to use HELOC to pay off your credit […]