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Article Summary: The mortgage loan originator (MLO) is an integral part of the homebuying process. This individual or institution helps the borrower apply for, secure, and choose a mortgage loan. The process of buying or refinancing a home can be daunting. There seem to be an endless number of steps and countless options, all of […]

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Article Summary: The ideal mortgage broker will help you find the loan with the best interest rate for you. But some brokers are far from ideal. Because they get paid a percentage of the loan amount, some dishonest mortgage brokers may try to rip you off. You need to be aware of the tactics dishonest […]

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What Is a Blanket Mortgage?

Article Summary A blanket mortgage and blanket loans are the same thing. A blanket loan is one mortgage that covers multiple properties. They are best for anyone who is in a business that owns multiple properties, such as house flippers and builders. Blanket mortgages avoid multiple fees and can make managing and tracking payments easier, […]

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If you’re looking to buy real estate, you probably don’t have the time to evaluate all of the loan options available to you. Indeed, for new homebuyers, finding the best loan for their financial situation can be a challenging task. A mortgage broker can help you make the right decision and navigate through the complexities […]