Couple looking at their laptop, which lists their forbearance mortgage payments

Article Summary: Borrowers who are granted forbearance are temporarily able to stop making payments on their mortgage or have the payment amount cut back. You can sell your home while it is in forbearance, but the debt accumulated during the forbearance period will have to be paid back. When the coronavirus pandemic struck the United […]

Aerial view of the bay and marina from the hills of Sausalito, San Francisco bay area, California

Article Summary: The only places in the United States where mid-range houses cost more than in California are Washington, D.C., and Hawaii. Even so, if you have a good and stable income and good credit, you may be able to finance a home purchase in California by preparing yourself financially beforehand and taking full advantage […]

Small model house on a clipboard next to a pen and set of house keys

Article Summary: A title search will typically take between 10 and 14 business days to complete. However, the exact timing will depend on how old the house is, how quickly the title search company receives the necessary information, and what judgments or liens currently exist against the property. If you’ve ever bought or sold a […]

hands holding wooden model of house, symbolizing home ownership

Article Summary: Property is one of the most valuable assets one can own in the United States. Transferring property from one owner to another requires a deed. There are several types of deed. Bargain and sale deeds release the previous owner from any liability for existing claims on the property. If you’re thinking of purchasing […]

loan officer hands mortgage loan application to prospective borrower

Article Summary: With a straight loan, the borrower only makes interest payments until the maturity date. No money is put toward the principal balance before then. Once the maturity date arrives, borrowers must either refinance their loan or pay off the entire balance. As you’ve begun your journey toward owning a home, you’ve probably looked […]

home with money stacks

What is Leverage in Real Estate?

Article Summary: Leverage in real estate is when you use borrowed capital to increase the potential return of your investments. Leveraging includes purchasing properties typically outside of your price range or purchasing multiple properties when you would normally only be able to buy one. There are risks involved, so make sure you understand the leveraging […]

Image of house plans, a calculator, and money to symbolize the idea of financing a new construction home

Article Summary: On average, duplexes cost between $95 and $220 per square foot to construct. Of course, these costs may vary drastically depending on the location of the property, what materials you use, and how you decide to furnish the space. Duplexes are becoming a popular option for people looking to buy property. These houses […]

Increasingly large stacks of coins leading to a small house model with a hand above above to place a coin into the house

Article Summary: You can save money for a house, even while renting, by increasing your income or decreasing your spending. Saving for a house is more difficult when a large portion of your budget is going toward rent, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Among other things, you can get a separate savings account, pay […]

The California State Capitol building, clear blue sky, some trees

Article Summary: Mello-Roos taxes are special taxes imposed by California law on Community Facilities Districts (CFDs). In a district that’s been designated a CFD, aka a Mello-Roos district, local government can sell bonds to help fund public services and amenities. The taxes collected under Mello-Roos law are meant to pay back those bonds and fall […]

Young woman in her 20s a moving box with her arms up while a young man pushes her in the box

Article Summary: There are several benefits to buying a house in your 20s, including certain tax benefits and the opportunity to build equity in your home early on. However, the right time to buy a house depends entirely on an individual’s personal obligations and financial situation, not their age. Buying a house might be considered […]

Wooden house model sitting on top of a stack of money with a pen and calculator in the background

Article Summary: Lenders usually require two years of employment history to qualify for a mortgage. However, there are some ways around this rule if you’ve recently changed jobs or haven’t been in the workforce long enough to qualify. The home-buying process can be lengthy. Even after you found your dream home and had an offer […]

Large manor with an open yard next to a tall tree

Article Summary: The payments on a $1 million and $2 million mortgage are respectively more than $5,000 and $10,000. But when you account for homeowners insurance, property taxes, and other expenses of owning and maintaining a home, your costs will be even higher. Nationwide home prices have been increasing dramatically for years. According to Zillow […]

A seller or agent's hand places new home keys into the hands of a buyer

Article Summary: The worst day to close on a house is a Friday. If there is some kind of problem with your closing, it may have to get moved to the following week, which could be a huge hassle. It might also be expensive if you’ve already scheduled movers, for example. Monday is also not […]

Aerial view of homes in a neighborhood

Article Summary: If you purchased a house within a homeowners’ association, you may be able to opt out of the community. However, this may be a long and expensive process with an HOA attorney, so make sure this is the route you want to take. You’ve just purchased your dream home… and found yourself in […]

key with house-shaped top on keychain with golden house, surrounded by papers related to home ownership and its benefits

Article Summary: You can usually only have one FHA loan at a time. There are, however, some specific exceptions to this rule. For example, if you’re getting a divorce, had to relocate for work, or have a growing family, then you could be eligible for a second FHA loan. If you’re looking to get a […]

Woman signing purchase documents for a house with a model home and calculator on the table and a real estate agent handing house keys

Article Summary: In the housing market, a lowball offer is a phrase used to describe a buyer making an offer on a home that is significantly lower than the asking price. For some sellers, lowball offers can be construed as a bit of an insult; others consider it a way to jumpstart negotiations. Before you […]