Two sacks with dollar signs on scale opposite house model

Article Summary: Both a cash-out refinance and a home equity line of credit (HELOC) are refinancing options for homeowners looking to tap their property’s equity. Through a cash-out refinance, the homeowner receives a check for the difference between the original mortgage and the home’s equity by applying for a new, larger mortgage. A HELOC, on […]

Row of timeshare units facing palm trees and ocean water

Article Summary: Timeshares are a type of fractional property ownership that you visit at specified times of the year, every year, for the foreseeable future. It should not be confused with buying an investment property that you can also use as a vacation home, and rent out as you choose. Timeshares are best for people […]

Small model of a home and some keys, symbolizing home ownership

Article Summary: You can technically use a credit card to buy a house, but you probably shouldn’t. Credit cards usually have much higher interest rates than other financing options, particularly if you use a cash advance. However, a credit card may be the only option available to homebuyers who need a little extra money to […]

One hand with pen about to sign documents with model home in the background

Article Summary: You can buy a foreclosed home using an FHA loan. First-time homebuyers may find this option attractive since FHA loans require a low down payment and foreclosure properties tend to have a lower listing price. However, despite the better deals, there are some drawbacks to using FHA financing for a foreclosed home. Many […]

Two sacks with dollar signs on scale opposite house model

Article Summary: A lien is a financial claim on a piece of property, while an encumbrance is a general legal claim that may restrict the homeowner’s ability to use or sell the property. Liens and encumbrances can be placed on a property for a variety of reasons, including unpaid property taxes, outstanding HOA dues, or […]

room in loft apartment with expored ductwork and stairs to higher level

What Is a Loft Apartment?

Article Summary: Do you have lofty dreams, or do you want a dreamy loft? Lofts apartments are modern and chic living spaces. They’re known for their tall ceilings, large windows, open spaces, and gritty, but appealing aesthetics. In this article, you will learn more about what loft apartments are and why they are some of […]

A seller or agent's hand places new home keys into the hands of a buyer

What Is An Assumable Mortgage?

Article Summary: When you assume a mortgage, you take over the payments on an existing loan from the current owner. This can be a great way to finance a home without having to go through the hassle (and expense) of getting approved for a new loan yourself. However, there are some things you should be […]

family in room with moving boxes

What Is a Patio Home?

Article Summary: A patio home is a single-story home that shares walls with other units. Patio homes are similar to condos and townhouses, although there are differences between these types of homes. Patio homes are a great option for those with limited mobility or for those who want an entry-level home. Continue reading to learn […]

lock, chain, and flower symbolizing the beauty of a locked-in mortgage rate

Article Summary: When you’re buying a home, the interest rate you’re offered can make a big difference in your monthly mortgage payment. This is why locking your mortgage rate can be a smart financial decision in the long run. A rate lock is essentially an agreement between you and your lender that guarantees the interest […]

Woman looking questioningly while man holds house model

Article Summary: With so many options, it can be a challenge to decide which mortgage option is best for you. Conventional, VA, and FHA mortgages are three of the most popular types of mortgage products available. There’s not clear-cut “best” option because each mortgage type has it’s pros and cons. It all depends on your […]