What is accident forgiveness

Wouldn’t it be cool if your auto insurance company “forgave you” and didn’t increase your rate if you got involved in a car accident? Well, good news – many companies do! This benefit is known as “accident forgiveness,” and some companies include it as part of their standard auto insurance policy. Others offer it as an […]

Auto insurance that covers any driver

One of the many complicated facets of auto insurance is who—or what—is covered by an auto insurance policy. Is it the car? The driver? Or both? The answer isn’t obvious, and the question leads to other questions, like: Can you drive someone else’s car if you have insurance, but the other person doesn’t? Can someone […]

Auto Insurance That Accepts PayPal

Car insurance companies obviously want to be paid, which is why most make it easy for you by offering multiple payment options. Different insurers offer different options, though. For example, there is some auto insurance that accepts PayPal. Auto Insurance That Accepts PayPal For example, some auto insurers have accepted PayPal for many years. The […]

largest auto insurance Best auto insurance companies

Finding a great auto insurance company that will keep your costs down can be a challenge. You don’t want to end up dealing with headaches from denied claims, surprise costs, or poor customer service. A good auto insurer will make it easy for you to get a quote, sign up, understand and manage your policy, and […]

Who on earth would want to buy liability insurance on a vehicle it doesn’t own? The answer may surprise you. In fact, you may have already bought non-owned car liability insurance many times without realizing what it was. What does non-owned auto liability insurance mean anyway? Non-owned car liability insurance is best described as an […]