worth hiring an insurance agency

Comparison shopping is important, especially for large purchases. Health insurance is one of those purchases. It’s a monthly expense that offers valuable coverage when you get sick. Here are six steps to follow to make sure your comparison shopping is successful: Evaluate Your Budget Know Your Health Needs Start with the Health Insurance Marketplace Compare […]


We all hope to stay healthy enough to take care of ourselves for as long as we live. Unfortunately, for many Americans, this isn’t the case. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the 2017 national average for long-term care costs for a private room in a nursing home was about $7,698 per […]

worth hiring an insurance agency

Insurance is a booming business in the U.S. Last year, $1.2 trillion in net premiums were written. Life and health insurance accounted for 52% of that while property and casualty insurance accounted for the other 48%. But what if you invest in insurance to protect yourself against a loss and then nothing ever happens? Then, you’ve paid for nothing. […]

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Patrick “Pat” Jarrett is the co-founder, partner and president of HealthSavings Administrators, an investment health savings account (HSA) administrator based in Richmond, Va. We recently checked in with Pat to learn more about how health savings accounts work and why families looking to better manage their money should consider using them. Here’s what he had to […]

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Chad Tew is founding CEO of California Wellbeing, where he works to establish California Health & Longevity Institute wellness centers globally and promote branded support for personal wellbeing. The California Health & Longevity Institute was created to offer a holistic approach to health, to help improve people’s quality of life. Can you describe a bit […]

Did you sign up for healthcare coverage through a private insurance exchange? If not, you are probably out of luck until November. The “soft” deadline for insurance enrollment through the healthcare exchanges was March 31, but anyone who was “in line” to sign up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act on that date was […]


If the government, with all its resources and support, can’t succeed at building an efficient, easy-to-use website to help people get health insurance, nobody can. Right? A trio of 20-year-old coders from San Francisco managed to do it over a weekend. The Government’s Expensive Fail Even if you’ve never visited HealthCare.gov, you’ve probably heard about […]