Man in a business suit signing a form offering ancillary benefits to employees

Article Summary: Ancillary health insurance is a secondary healthcare benefit that covers medical expenses sometimes outside the scope of traditional health insurance. Hospital bills and drugs for a medical emergency are types of ancillary insurance that traditional insurers will cover. Ancillary health insurance also takes the form of dental and eye care, which is typically […]

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What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Article Summary: Life insurance covers both accidental and natural death. The beneficiaries can then use the death benefit to pay bills, debts, or even college tuition. However, many policies will not pay a death benefit if the policyholder died while committing a felony or insurance fraud. Death is never pleasant to think about, but sometimes […]

Hands of a man signing a contract

Article Summary: Before writing your will, decide the type of will you need. After that, choose a beneficiary, an executor, and a guardian (if you have children). Finally, sign your will and keep it stored somewhere safe and inform your loved ones where the document is. Writing a will can be scary. Let’s face it, […]

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Article Summary: A 26(f) retirement program is designed to build wealth by investing in a life insurance policy. If done properly, these plans utilize tax advantages and build cash value. Note that unlike a 401(k), a 26(f) program is not backed by an employer. However, the consensus among financial advisors is you can obtain similar […]

Hands of a man signing a contract

Article Summary: Assignor and assignee are terms typically used to define roles in contract assignments. The assignor is the original party to the contract. They have the ability to assign the rights and benefits of said contract to a third party, otherwise known as an assignee. Typically, these are most used when considering wills and […]

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Power Of Attorney After Death

Article Summary: Power of attorney after death gives a person the authority to act on behalf of the deceased, also known as the principal, to execute their wishes after they pass. This differs from a power of attorney, which is only valid when a person is permanently incapacitated in some way, but is otherwise still […]

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Article Summary: Unfortunately, a person’s debt doesn’t magically disappear when they die. Instead, the deceased’s debts are often settled by the assets in their estate. Often these assets will cover all the debts and the remainder of the estate will be distributed among the inheritors. In some cases, however, heirs will inherit debt as well […]

An elderly couple looking at a computer screen with an advisor

Article Summary: Per stirpes and per capita are two different ways of distributing assets in a will. Per capita evenly divides an estate among the surviving beneficiaries, while per stirpes allows assets to pass to the next generation if a beneficiary has already passed. Estate planning is one of the most critical pieces of the […]


Are you shopping around for a life insurance policy? The right coverage can provide peace of mind and security for your family. But before you commit to a policy, it’s smart to find out how much you can expect to pay. That way, you’ll know which offers are good deals and which ones are overpriced. […]

baby life insurance

Having a baby is one of those milestones in life where parents should start considering life insurance. But do you need life insurance for your baby? Many experts would tell you that it’s not necessary. But getting life insurance is sometimes more about giving your family choices than it is a simple financial transaction. Here are three reasons […]


We all hope to stay healthy enough to take care of ourselves for as long as we live. Unfortunately, for many Americans, this isn’t the case. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the 2017 national average for long-term care costs for a private room in a nursing home was about $7,698 per […]

Best life insurance for seniors

Most people think of life insurance as an essential safeguard for young families. However, Anthony Martin—owner of the final expense life insurance company Choice Mutual—says that there are many reasons why an individual over 65 might want or need life insurance as well. “On the aggregate, their needs might differ from those of their younger […]