no exam life insurance

Most life insurance companies require you to get a medical exam to qualify for a policy. But what if you don’t have time for an appointment, or you hate needles, or you have a health issue that may complicate matters? Good news—there’s a way around it. The question is whether or not it’s the right […]

Guaranteed Life Insurance Pros and Cons

Guaranteed life insurance is exactly what it says it is: you are guaranteed a life insurance policy no matter your health or age. These policies are most often purchased by people with current or past health problems, or by people who don’t have the option to buy life insurance through an employer. In fact, this […]

Best life insurance for seniors

Most people think of life insurance as an essential safeguard for young families. However, Anthony Martin—owner of the final expense life insurance company Choice Mutual—says that there are many reasons why an individual over 65 might want or need life insurance as well. “On the aggregate, their needs might differ from those of their younger […]

life insurance without medical exam

There are many reasons why people decide to secure a life insurance policy. The primary reason is to ensure their children will be provided for in the event of their death. If you’re uncertain whether or not you should purchase life insurance, ask yourself these questions: Will anyone be financially impacted adversely by my death? […]

quick life insurance quotes

Life insurance is one of those things that most everyone should have, but many people don’t. In fact, people tend to put off buying life insurance, especially if they’re young and healthy. But being young and healthy is precisely when you should buy life insurance. Your rates will be lower, and it will be much […]

what kind of life insurance should I buy

By Jeanine Skowronski, senior editor at Policygenius No one really wants to think about life insurance, but, at some point — maybe around 1.5 kids and a dog — you invariably will. That’s because life insurance is important: It provides financial cover to your dependents in the wake of your untimely death and provides you with […]

switch insurance company benefits

Purchasing life insurance from a provider may have been easy the first time around. After a period, you might decide to switch when your term life insurance is ending or when you realize there are better premium rates available in the market. Switching providers can be tricky as you will need to buy a new […]


If you’ve bought term life insurance, congratulations! You’ve taken an important step in protecting your loved ones from financial hardship. When your term is nearing completion, you might start receiving letters from your insurance company touting the benefits of converting your term policy to a whole life policy. They’ll make it sound as if it’s […]

While baby makes three is certainly a time for celebration, it also introduces the sobering reality that there’s a little bundle of joy now depending on you. For that reason, it’s important to protect your child financially should something happen to one of his or her parents. If you’re considering life insurance, you’re not alone. […]