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Article Summary: Renters insurance does typically cover some theft. It also protects you from property loss due to several other causes. The right policy can also limit your losses if someone else gets injured on your property and you’re deemed responsible. Renters insurance is an essential purchase for most renters, and all renters should carefully […]

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Article Summary: Renters insurance is purchased by a tenant on a property that they are renting to ensure financial coverage if certain events happen. Renters insurance does cover some water damage, like leaky ceilings, but other events will not be covered, such as flooding. This insurance will also cover most structural damage and natural disasters, […]

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Article Summary: The best way to rent a home with bad credit is to show your future landlord that you have enough financial stability to rent your apartment. This can mean showing your past rent history, getting references from previous landlords, and offering a higher security deposit. Life happens, and when it does, your credit […]

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Article Summary: Tenancy at sufferance is when a tenant remains in a property past the end of their lease agreement. Both the tenant and landlord have certain rights and responsibilities during a tenancy at sufferance, and the landlord can choose to evict the tenant at any time. Whether you’re a landlord or a renter, it’s […]

loans for legal expenses. Can you take out loans to pay for a lawyer?

Breaking your apartment lease is never ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary. While you may face legal ramifications and other long-term consequences, there are ways to minimize these negative effects. Plus, there are certain situations wherein breaking your lease is protected under law. Not sure how to navigate this situation? Don’t worry! We’ve got everything you […]

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Sponsored content by Lemonade Insurance Company If you’re in the habit of buying stuff you don’t need, like signing up for gym memberships you never use, you might also be paying too much for things like bank fees, loans, and insurance. No matter if you’re living the single-life or juggling a few rugrats, you’re likely […]

Renters and Home Insurance That Covers Dogs

If you think renters insurance is a waste of money, you are not alone. Only 37% of renters have renters insurance but 95% of homeowners have a homeowners insurance policy, according to a survey by ORC International. 37% Percentage of American renters who have a renters insurance policy. And it’s not a money issue. Renters […]

Housing Affordability

Everyone deserves to live in a decent, safe, and sanitary home. But not everyone can afford a home that meets those criteria. That’s why the federal government offers the Section 8 Housing Choice voucher program, which subsidies rent for very low-income families, as well as elderly and disabled people. Section 8 recipients aren’t forced to live in housing […]

Guest medical coverage can save you money when an accident occurs in your home

What is Guest Medical Coverage?

No doubt you’re a responsible homeowner. You always make sure to maintain your home, but accidents happen. Luckily, if a guest gets injured in your home, your homeowners or renters insurance may cover certain medical expenses. It’s called guest medical coverage and is included in most plans. Read on to find out what companies include guest […]

Home Appliance Insurance

Buying a home is often considered a wise investment. 81% of Americans believe that housing is the best long-term investment they can make. However, to get a good return on that investment, everything from the roof to the foundation has to stay in good working condition. And it’s not just the house itself, but also […]

Renters and Home Insurance That Covers Dogs

The list below contains a list of the best renters insurance companies right now. If you’re looking for a list of the best homeowners insurance companies right now, take a look here. Most people take for granted the importance of having rental insurance when renting an apartment or condo, and that can be a huge […]