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Article Summary: Return of capital happens when you get part of your investment back. It can occur with practically any type of investment, but it is often used as a way for mutual funds to return money to shareholders. Unlike other distributions, return of capital is usually not taxable, since you are just getting back […]

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Article Summary: ARKK and QQQ are two popular exchange-traded funds that are available on the market. The fundamental difference between the two is that ARKK is actively managed, whereas QQQ is passive and tracks the Nasdaq 100 index. However, there are differences between the strategies, portfolios, and fees also worth considering. Just as there are […]

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Article Summary: When the market price of a stock declines, and when probability suggests that the decline will be short-lived, traders look for buying opportunities. Enter pullback trading. A stock market pullback allows traders to buy a stock when the price is low and sell it for a tidy profit when the overall upward trend […]

Several people at a desk pointing at papers, calculators, and laptop screens

Article Summary: Shareholders are investors who own stocks in a company, and stakeholders are everyone else who has a vested interest in the company. This can include employees, customers, trade unions, suppliers, the government, as well as the local community around the company. While shareholders have a financial stake in a company, stakeholders can have […]

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SPY vs. VOO: Which ETF is Best?

Article Summary: Both SPY and VOO are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and track the same index. They seek to mimic the returns of the S&P 500 stock market index (also known as the Standard & Poor’s 500), which follows the largest companies in the U.S. They have also both averaged close to 15% in annual returns […]

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Article Summary: A safe haven is a low-risk — typically low-yield — asset that can perform consistently in times of market and economic volatility. Safe haven investments such as precious metals, currencies, defensive stocks, and more, can help investors navigate difficult economic conditions. However, investors should be aware that safe havens do not usually provide […]

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Article Summary: The Rule of 70 formula is a simple equation to calculate how many years it will take for something to double in value. It’s used when calculating things like gross domestic product (GDP), population growth, and investment growth rate. For those looking to see how long their investment or retirement portfolio will take […]

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Article Summary: Par value is the face value, also known as the nominal value, of a share of stock or a bond. The amount is set by the issuer of the security and remains the same for the life of the asset. The issuer could be a corporation, government, or municipality. Par value is set […]