Are you looking to get a better deal on your current personal loan? Whether you want to lower your payment, change your term, improve your APR, or all of the above, refinancing may open that door. Read on to learn how to refinance a personal loan, and how to know if refinancing is right for […]

How to Get a Student Loan

Learn everything you need to know about how to get a student loan and keep costs low. Do you have your sights set on college? A degree can be the key that unlocks your future career, but it comes with a cost. Most students can’t afford tuition, books, and other academic expenses out of pocket. […]

Top 50 colleges by ROI

This study surveys the colleges with the highest ROI. You may be surprised by which colleges didn’t make it. A college education can be a great investment. College graduates earn 66% more than workers with just a high school diploma. And over their lifetime, the average college graduate earns around $1 million more than workers […]

Is it possible to get a loan after bankruptcy

Although fewer Americans file for bankruptcy every year, it’s still a reality that many must face. In 2018, Americans filed approximately 753,300 bankruptcies (source). In desperate moments, bankruptcy is a stressful but necessary process. But after bankruptcy, what comes next? How long does it take to recover? And how soon can you get approved for […]

long term loans pros and cons

When it comes to personal loans, is it better to go with a short term or a long term? Long-term loans give you more time to repay the debt, and they come with lower monthly payments. But they bring a few drawbacks as well. Read on to learn more about long-term personal loans, and how […]

How To Get Personal Loans With Fair Credit

When you need to borrow some money, of course, you want the lowest possible interest rates. But where can you find low interest personal loans? And what determines the interest rates lenders offer borrowers? To get a good rate, there are a few things you’ll need to do. Here’s everything you need to know, plus […]

best 6 month personal loans ways to get fast money

8 Ways to Get Money Fast

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to keep to a budget, you need to borrow money just to get by. It may be because you lost a job, had a medical emergency, or unexpected car repairs. What do you do when you need money for an emergency, but don’t have the savings? You are certainly not […]

personal loan denial

Are you one of the 5.8 million Americans who is currently unemployed? Are you also struggling to find a loan? If so, you may wonder if it’s possible to get a loan while unemployed. Well, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need a job to get approved […]

average pharmacist student loan debt

According to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), nearly 85% of students borrow money to pay for their pharmacy degree. Further, the average pharmacist student loan debt is $166,528 by the time they graduate (source). Are you happy about your career as a pharmacist, but overwhelmed by your student loan debt? Do your monthly […]

Auto Loan Industry Study Background

Auto Loan Industry Study

This comprehensive auto loan industry study investigates the latest data sources to reveal important auto financing trends and statistics. The U.S. auto loan industry continues to expand on the back of a 9-year growth in new auto loans. On the surface, the numbers look promising for auto lenders. In 2018, Total outstanding auto loan debt […]