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What is a 529 Plan?

Article Summary: A 529 plan is a government-sponsored savings and investment account that offers significant tax benefits. This plan can only be utilized for what the government considers qualified education expenses. The 529 accounts were devised to help individuals pay for higher education and college tuition. Typically 529 plans will offer tax-free growth and tax-free […]

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Is a 529 Plan Worth It?

Article Summary: In most cases, a 529 plan is definitely worth the effort. 529 plans are government-backed savings and investment plans that allow parents, guardians, or family members to save for education while receiving major tax benefits. Although 529 plans can be used for different types of education, most of the time they’re used for […]

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Article Summary: A child can have multiple 529 plans within one state or across different states to help pay for his or her college education. There are currently no rules and regulations limiting the amount of 529 plans one can have. However, a 529 plan cannot support more than one beneficiary at a time. Whether […]

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Article Summary: A 529 plan can affect a student’s financial aid package, but how much of an impact depends on who owns the account, the type of aid applied for, and when withdrawals occur. Although a 529 plan will affect federal financial aid eligibility to some degree, there are important nuances to consider. With more […]

Piggy bank wearing a graduation cap with crumpled dollar bills in front

529 Plan Tax Benefits

Article Summary: A 529 plan is an investment account that provides tax benefits when withdrawals are used for qualified higher education expenses. This investment account has tax breaks that each state determines individually. A 529 plan acts similar to a Roth plan in which the investment grows on a tax-free basis and can even be […]

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Article Summary: The 529 investment plan covers qualified expenses for higher education and even K-12 programs. When using the plan to cover these expenses, account holders receive certain tax advantages for withdrawing funds that pay for books, tuition, and even food costs of higher education. These advantages apply to both federal income tax and state […]