Marrying someone with bad credit

When planning for your big day, you and your spouse surely have a long list of to-dos. However, one of the most important tasks is the selection of your wedding rings. Our wedding rings guide is here to help you. While it may seem simple at first, the plethora of options can cause confusion and stress. […]

how to save money on your wedding

Weddings are expensive. Period. If you’ve put off planning your wedding because of the price tag attached to it, you’re not alone. The good news is that there are ways you can cut costs and still have the wedding of your dreams. Here are 5 simple ways to plan your perfect wedding without breaking the bank. 1) Cut […]

what is the average cost of a wedding

Weddings are expensive. Everybody knows that. But how expensive? We talked to experts in wedding planning, dived deep into the leading wedding cost surveys, and organized mountains of data into graphs that answer all the questions you never knew you had about weddings. For example: $14,399 The median cost of a wedding in the United […]

Pros and cons of a wedding loan

In 2016, the national average cost for a wedding was a whopping $35,329. Many couples don’t have that kind of money lying around to afford their dream wedding. Because of that, nearly ⅓ of couples choose to go into debt to pay for their weddings using credit cards and/or personal loans. If you’re considering paying […]


Falling in love is an exhilarating feeling. Life seems so much better and richer than it was before. Then, the moment comes when the question, “Will you marry me?”, is asked and a new high is reached. The following period between the engagement and the “I do’s” is a whirlwind of excitement and planning. Those […]

Wedding Cost

With wedding season coming up, brides and grooms-to-be may be feeling the pinch with all the planning and spending they’re doing for their big days ahead. Having a tight budget or wanting to save money on your wedding does not have to compromise the quality of your wedding! Here are some ways not to go […]