uber minimum wage

The New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission approved new rules yesterday that are designed to set a minimum wage of $17.22 an hour for Uber and Lyft drivers. Last August, New York’s City Council also set a cap on new vehicle licenses for ride-hail services. The purpose of these measures is to regulate the […]


We’re proud to announce that SuperMoney launched our loan offer engine at Finovate – a conference that showcases cutting-edge banking and financial technologies. SuperMoney helps people compare financial services. To date, we’ve helped millions of people shop for loans, investments and other financial products. As a financial services aggregator, SuperMoney partners with the world’s leading […]

american brainiacs nerds STEM shortage

The United States is falling short in its production of brainiacs, according to a report provided by the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee. Well, it didn’t call them brainiacs, but that’s what it meant. Specifically, America ranks poorly in comparison with other industrialized countries in STEM-related fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Even allowing […]

billionaires battle for space-internet-wars

Billionaires Battling For Internet Space

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any stranger, billionaires are in a battle to provide internet access to the 3 billion people who can’t connect to the “worldwide web.” This project is so ambitious even billionaires are looking for investors to help foot the bill. Space billionaires As Ashlee Vance reported on Bloomberg.com, Greg […]

Grand Canyon Education, the nation’s most valuable publicly traded for-profit college, has announced an unprecedented plan to become a nonprofit entity. The Plan The university recently informed its investors that it intends to split the company into two, one for-profit service provider, and the other a non-profit college. While intriguing, this proposition puts Grand Canyon […]


Consumers Top Complaints In 2015

Medical billing issues, tax scams and student loan consolidators were among the biggest consumer thorns last year. These major concerns were accompanied by many of the other familiar complaints such as identity theft, home repair shams and collection agencies, according to a recent report. The survey was released Wednesday July 29, 2015 by the Consumer Federation of America. […]

Isis Anchalee is a full-stack engineer at OneLogin in Silicon Valley. Not only is she a female engineer in what’s considered a “men’s career field”, she’s also gorgeous. Onelogin recently posted an advertisement of her in the Bay Area for recruiting purposes. This has brought an uproar of both positive and negative attention to Anchalee. […]

After reporting their second-quarter earnings of $23.2 billion, a trading frenzy began which has resulted in Amazon adding about $40 billion in market value, making it now worth more than Wal-Mart. While analysts were expecting around $22.4 billion in sales from Amazon’s 2nd quarter, they also reported a $92 million profit, equal to $.19 per […]