Mortgage Refinancing

How much mortgage do I qualify for? It’s a question all aspiring homeowners want to answer. With the median home listing price in the U.S. right around $280,000, you may wonder if it’s possible for you to become a homeowner. To find out, let’s take a look at how lenders determine a person’s maximum loan […]

Should you get a mortgage cosigner?

Your lease is ending, you’re looking to move to a larger home, or maybe you want to live closer to work. Regardless of why you’re moving, you’ve found the perfect home. But there’s bad news: your lender has told you that you don’t qualify for a mortgage. What can you do to make sure that […]

AIG Auto Insurance

AIG (American International Group) is an American insurance and finance corporation with roots dating back to 1919. It has expanded far beyond the U.S., currently operating in over 80 countries worldwide. AIG provides insurance products including general property, general casualty, life insurance, retirement services, and financial services. In this in-depth review, we are going to take […]

guaranteed auto loan dealerships

For some, owning a car is a convenience; for others, it’s a necessity. But with cars costing tens of thousands of dollars, few of us can afford to pay for one upfront. Almost 65% of Americans turn to some form of financing when they buy a car. The two most popular financing providers are the […]

credit cards that accept cosigners

16% of Americans have bad credit. Is your bad credit score holding you back from accessing credit? It’s a Catch-22 that many people face. In fact, according to Experian, 16% of Americans have a credit score that is considered poor. However, even with bad credit, you might be able to get approved for certain credit […]

Education Loan Refinance review

What is Education Loan Finance (ELFI), and can it save you money on your student loans? ELFI is SouthEast Bank’s student loan debt consolidation program. The program helps borrowers to consolidate multiple student loans into one, reducing the costs and stress involved with the repayment process. Read this Education Loan Refinance in-depth review to find […]

Jora Credit Review

Jora Credit offers an expensive form of credit for high-risk borrowers facing emergency situations. Founded in Addison, Texas in 2017, the company aims to provide a simple and reliable way for customers to get a loan. Plus, it offers more repayment flexibility than many other lenders which cater to less-than-stellar credit. But should you borrow […]

tax filing status - End of year tax filing tips

Standard tax deductions 2018/2019 Single taxpayer – $12,000 Married taxpayers filing a joint return – $24,000 Head of household taxpayers – $18,000 Single taxpayer blind or 65 and older – $13,550 Single taxpayer – 65 or older and blind – $15,100 Head of household blind or 65 and older – $18,550 Head of Household 65 […]

Upromise Mastercard

This is an in-depth review of the Upromise Mastercard. See if this card is right for you and your family. The United States is in the midst of a student loan crisis. The average graduate leaves college with a debt load of $30,301 according to the latest data by the National Center for Education Statistics. As such, it’s more […]