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Article Summary: If you have a lot of equity in your home, one of the best ways to make use of that money is to finance home improvement projects. Not only will you increase the market value of your house, but you can also make your home a more energy-efficient and pleasurable place to spend […]

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Article Summary: If you have a lot of equity in your primary residence, you might be able to take out a home equity loan or otherwise access that money for more useful and profitable purposes. For example, you can use the home equity loan to buy an investment property or perhaps a second home or […]

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Article Summary: You can use the equity you have accumulated in your home to invest in your business. There are multiple ways to do this, including home equity loans, a home equity line of credit, cash-out refinancing, and a shared equity agreement. However, before investing, you should carefully consider your options and weigh the risks […]

refinance a home equity loan

Article Summary: Refinancing a home equity loan can help you save money on interest and get out of debt faster. However, it can also be an expensive mistake. Find out how to compare lenders and what you need to apply. We also look into an often-overlooked alternative to home equity loans that is a good […]

How to usue leverage to build wealth

Article Summary: Leverage is a phenomenal tool that allows you to take on debt or borrow against the assets you already have to increase your returns on a given investment. Here’s how to use leverage to build wealth. Whether it be real estate investments, equities, or even leveraging your own time in the modern world, […]

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Article Summary: A reverse annuity mortgage converts home equity into cash. It does this without you having to sell your home or make monthly payments. This cash helps cover expenses like medical bills or home repairs. Reverse mortgages have specific eligibility requirements and are only for homeowners aged 62 and up. Paying off your home […]

Shared appreciation mortgage tax implications

Article Summary: Shared appreciation mortgages (SAMs) provide an alternative to traditional home mortgages. This article will describe the different types of SAMs and compare them to traditional mortgages. It will then discuss shared appreciation mortgages’ tax implications and contrast this with the tax implications of shared equity financing. Shared appreciation mortgages are sometimes confused with […]

home equity investments

There are several ways to cash in your home equity. However, many homeowners are finding it difficult to qualify for traditional home equity credit products. Home equity investments offer a new approach to home equity financing. It’s not for everyone, but it provides advantages to some homeowners.  $177,000 Average home equity per household with a […]