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2022 Inflation Study

Study Summary: Inflation is up 8.5% annualized. What’s worse is real wages for American workers went down 3.6%. The average U.S. household spent an extra $5,200 this year because of inflation. This “inflation tax” has hit low-income households the hardest. Households with incomes in the bottom 20% got a 15.6% wage cut because of inflation. […]


Housing affordability is a term that describes the cost of housing relative to a household’s income. Although it’s an easy enough term to under intuitively — whether or not most families can afford to pay for housing — it’s often challenging to pin down exactly what is (or isn’t) affordable housing. For instance, the term […]

SuperMoney Price Dispersion Study

Our analysis of personal loan interest rates shows a wide price dispersion. This means consumers are paying more than they should for credit. The good news is financial technology tools can help reduce the search frictions behind this variation in prices across lenders. You would think that personal loans would be a classic example of […]

fintech predictions coronavirus

There is little doubt rapid innovation is occurring in the financial technology space. While a paradigm shift in financial services was already well underway, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to exacerbate that shift. My role as CEO at SuperMoney has provided me with some insight into how things are evolving in the fintech space. Below […]

SuperMoney debt settlement

This comprehensive debt settlement industry study investigates multiple data sources to reveal trends and statistics. The debt settlement industry has grown rapidly since 2005, when it first became a widely available option for consumers. Although still a controversial financial service, it is now a significant part of the debt relief sector. This study compiles available […]

Millennials higher incomes

If you are a demographic economics nerd – and why else would you be reading an article on average millennial income? – you have probably read headlines like these. “Young adult households are now earning more than ever before.” “Are Millenials on track to become the richest generation?” “Millenials may be the wealthiest generation.” But […]

SuperMoney auto loan

2020 Auto Loan Industry Study

This comprehensive auto loan industry study investigates the latest data sources to reveal important auto financing trends and statistics. The U.S. auto loan industry continues to expand on the back of a 9-year growth in new auto loans. On the surface, the numbers look promising for auto lenders. Total auto loan debt increased to $1.3 […]