CPA vs accountants

CPAs vs. Accountants, that is the dilemma. When searching for a professional to prepare your taxes, the difference between an accountant and a CPA can be puzzling. Simply put, all CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) have to pass the CPA exam and meet certain state and education licensing requirements, […]

How to Respond to IRS Letter 226J

Are you a business owner that the IRS considers an applicable large employer? If so, you’re required to provide your full-time employees with an opportunity to enroll in a health insurance plan with at least the minimum essential coverage. If you don’t meet the IRS’s requirements, however, you may receive IRS Letter 226J and be on the […]

How to Respond to IRS Letter 3174

When you owe money to the IRS, you will begin to receive letters. While you should always read them and respond right away, IRS Letter 3174 is especially important. It is the last notice you will receive before your property is levied or seized. Read on to learn more about this letter, how to respond, […]

How to Respond to IRS Notice of Intent to Levy (CP 297)

What is an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy (CP 297) and what should you do about it? First things first, relax so you can make sense of the situation. The IRS provides taxpayers with many options whether you can pay the tax debt right now or not. The important thing is to understand what […]

How to Respond to IRS Letter CP3219A

IRS Letter CP3219A is sent when the IRS receives information about you that is different from what you reported on a tax return. The notice will inform you whether the proposed changes cause an increase or decrease in your tax liability. Be sure to open and read through this letter immediately upon receipt as your […]

How to Respond to IRS Letter LT11

If you receive IRS Letter LT11, it means you are experiencing some trouble with Uncle Sam. Don’t panic. As long as you respond in a satisfactory manner, you can resolve the problem without having your property seized. What are your options for responding? Here are four you should know. How to respond to IRS Letter […]

How to respond to IRS Tax Letter 1058

You can only owe money to the IRS for so long before they take action. IRS Letter 1058 is the final step in the process of levying your wages and/or seizing your property. So what should you do if you receive this letter? Remain calm. Here’s what you need to know. What is IRS Letter […]


You received the notice that you are being audited. While not a fun situation, you responded and sent in the required documentation. Now you received IRS Letter 3500-interim. What does it mean and what should you do? Here are the basics. What is the purpose of IRS Interim Letter 3500? IRS Letter 3500, Interim Letter, […]

irs letter 4883c help

Did you take all the necessary steps to file your tax return but have now received an IRS Letter 4883C? Are you wondering what the problem is and how you can fix it? Don’t panic. The IRS notice 4883C simply aims to verify your identity to prevent identity theft. Here’s what you need to do. […]

How to respond to IRS Tax Notice 525

Have you received a 30-day letter from the IRS Letter 915? If so, it means you recently underwent an audit and now owe taxes. While not the most pleasant news, it is important to open the letter and respond promptly. Why? Because at the time of receiving the letter, you still have options. If you […]