irs letter 4883c help

Did you take all the necessary steps to file your tax return but have now received an IRS Letter 4883C? Are you wondering what the problem is and how you can fix it? Don’t panic. The IRS notice 4883C simply aims to verify your identity to prevent identity theft. Here’s what you need to do. […]

How to respond to IRS Tax Notice 525

Have you received a 30-day letter from the IRS Letter 915? If so, it means you recently underwent an audit and now owe taxes. While not the most pleasant news, it is important to open the letter and respond promptly. Why? Because at the time of receiving the letter, you still have options. If you […]

IRS Tax Audit Letter 3572

If you receive letter 3572 from the IRS, it means that the federal income return for the year shown on the notice has been selected for further examination. I know it’s not the news you were probably hoping for but don’t panic. You will get through it. Here’s what you should know and how to […]

An IRS 90-Day Letter (CP3219N) is a notice of deficiency. What it means is that the IRS did not receive your tax return, so it calculated your tax, interest, and penalties for you. The IRS bases their calculation on information reported by your employer(s), financial institutions, etc. When you receive the letter, you have 90 […]