Even when you’ve paid off your home, there is one bill you cannot eliminate – property taxes. In most states, this bill will continue to increase year after year as the value of your home appreciates. But there are ways to reduce your annual property tax bill and keep more money in your pocket. What is property […]

Debt settlement Vs Bankruptcy, which would you prefer? You might as well ask “which arm would you like me to amputate?” Or “which of your children would like to send to a North Korean gulag?” As distasteful as debt settlement and bankruptcy may be, there are times when they are the only debt relief options […]

How to Avoid Bankruptcy

Are you considering declaring bankruptcy? In certain circumstances, bankruptcy can be a useful tool to wipe your slate clean. But it also comes with serious consequences. Before you declare bankruptcy, consider that there may be a better way forward. Read on to learn how you can avoid bankruptcy Why not declare bankruptcy? If you’re thinking […]