FreeTaxUSA Review

FreeTaxUSA: 2018 In-Depth Review

As the name of the company suggests, FreeTaxUSA is a free tax software that files simple-to-advanced federal tax returns at no cost. Everyone can file their federal taxes for free, regardless of complexity, age, or income level,” “Everyone can file their federal taxes for free, regardless of complexity, age, or income level,” says FreeTaxUSA’s Director of […]

Tax saving planning tips 2018

Tax planning is a boring, albeit necessary, part of life. There is one exciting part, though: saving money. These tax saving tips will help you do just thatt. You wouldn’t pay extra money on your monthly electricity bill for no reason, would you? Of course not. So why should you have to pay extra money on your […]

Tax Tips Small Business Owners

Paying taxes is no fun, but unless you want to go to jail, it’s a part of life. You know what can make the process more satisfying? Figuring out ways to save money on your taxes. These 10 tax tips for small business owners will help you save big when tax season comes. If you or […]

Federal Estate Tax What you should know

Are you wondering what the Federal Estate Tax is and how it impacts the U.S.? Well, the good news is that most people won’t have to worry, as only 0.2% of Americans will owe Estate Tax, according to statistics of the Joint Committee on Taxation. 0.2% Percentage of Americans who owe Estate Tax. However, it’s […]

IRS Tax Relief Programs

It’s said that you have to spend money to make money, and that especially rings true for landlords. Between travel costs, repairs and maintenance, insurance, etc., you have more than your fair share of expenses as a rental property owner. Thankfully, tax deductions help you recover some of that lost income. But how do you […]

IRS attacked by hackers +100k e-File PINS stolen

The IRS no longer offers taxpayers its e-filing PIN (Electronic Filing Personal Identity Numbers) tool. The feature offered an alternative signature verification when filing tax returns electronically. Why has the IRS decided to remove this security feature? Over 100,000 e-File PINs Stolen by Hackers Back in February of this year, cybercriminals stole over 100,000 e-File […]

automatic gratuities large parties not tips

The next time you eat at a restaurant as a member of a large party don’t assume the tip is factored into your final bill. At the beginning of January, a key change in a federal income tax code closed a long-standing tax loophole when it comes to tipping for large groups. Want help filing […]

tax deductions rental properties

You wouldn’t dream of voluntarily overpaying your water and sewer bill. So why pay more taxes than you need to on your rental income? Sadly, millions of landlords are not aware of all the tax benefits available and overstate their income. Don’t feel too bad if you’re one of them. Rental properties provide more tax […]