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Article Summary: The IRS organizes certain especially important or frequently needed taxpayer information into a list of tax topics. One of these, tax topic 151, concerns your rights to appeal when the IRS withholds all or some of your tax refund. When the IRS takes such action, called a tax refund offset, it will send […]

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Article Summary: If you have a tax debt with the IRS, you may be eligible for one-time forgiveness and have either your taxes or your penalties forgiven. There are several programs available, and whether you qualify depends on the circumstances surrounding the debt, how much you owe, and your current financial situation. Most Americans file […]

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Article Summary: If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay your taxes in full this tax season, you may want to consider applying for an installment agreement. Installment agreements allow you to spread out your payments without incurring penalties over that time. However, you cannot have more than one installment agreement at […]

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Article Summary: A first-time penalty abatement is an IRS policy that allows certain taxpayers to have their tax penalties waived. However, abatement is only available in select situations and is generally only granted to a small number of taxpayers each year. The tax code in the United States can be confusing. Unfortunately, this leads to […]

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Article Summary: If you’ve worked for somebody in the past, you may have received a W-2 from them. This form shows how much money you’ve made working for that company and the federal income tax withheld from your paychecks. If you’ve changed jobs in the past year, you still need to get a W-2 from […]

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Article Summary: Tax evasion is when someone underpays or completely avoids paying taxes by illegal means. The person must purposely choose to do these things in order to be considered a tax evader. Tax evasion includes filing a false return, not reporting income, and more. The government takes tax evasion very seriously, and it can […]

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 Article Summary: Amended tax returns aren’t an automatic red flag for IRS auditors. But, do amended tax returns trigger tax audits? It depends on what you include in the amended tax return. However, it’s common for people to make mistakes when submitting their taxes, and provided you don’t submit intentionally false information, an amendment won’t […]

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Article Summary: The IRS sends a CP14 Notice when you owe money on unpaid taxes. The document explains 1) what years you owe taxes for, 2) how much you owe, and 3) the deadline before penalties and interest begin. Find out how you can respond to a CP14 Notice and when it’s a good idea […]