Check n go review

Check ‘n Go Review: Alternative Loans for Bad Credit

You never know when an emergency will happen, until it happens. If you have enough cash saved up in an emergency fund, you’re good to go. But if not, getting cash fast is a top priority. In this Check ‘n Go review, you’ll be able to find out how to get cash installment loans even if you have bad credit.

This can be hard if you don’t have stellar credit. There are personal loans for bad credit out there, but they’re few and far between.

Check ‘n Go offers a wide variety of online short-term cash solutions that can help you get back on your feet. Here’s a review of the lender to help you figure out if it’s the best choice for you.

Who are Check ‘n Go loans designed for?

Check ‘n Go’s online payday loans and other products might be a good option if you need cash fast.

“I wouldn’t recommend payday loans unless you’ve exhausted all of your other alternatives,” says Joe Harris, a financial advisor and former payday borrower. “I used them liberally when I was younger, and the cost can be astronomical.”

However, Harris agrees that there are rare situations where you simply can’t avoid a payday loan. Since payday loans typically need to be paid back within a month, it works only if you can afford to pay back the loan quickly.

Check ‘n Go also offers long-term loans, so you may be able to get some more time and a lower interest rate through those.

About Check ‘n Go

Here’s a brief synopsis about the company before diving into the Check ‘n Go review.

Founded in 1994, Check ‘n Go has one purpose in mind, according to its website: “provide financial solutions to the problems ignored by ‘traditional’ lenders, such as banks.”

While the lender boasts a customer satisfaction score of 8.6 out of 10 on its website, shows an average rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars.

For those who praised Check ‘n Go, they mentioned the lender’s fast application and approval process. For those who had a bad experience, they often noted poor customer service and bad experiences with the staff at the lender’s physical branches.

Check ‘n Go loans

Check ‘n Go offers several different short- and long-term cash solutions, including:

  • Online installment loans: Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $5,000 with repayment terms between four and eight months.
  • Payday loans: Loan amounts range from $100 to $500 with typical repayment terms between two and four weeks.
  • Cash advances: Loan amounts range from $100 to $1,000 and are due when you get paid next.
  • The Choice Loan (in-store only): Loan amounts range from $200 to $5,000 with repayment terms depending on your income and overall financial profile.
  • Netspend Prepaid Card: A prepaid debit card that allows you to load money onto it as opposed to a credit card or traditional checking account debit card.
  • Check cashing: Can cash checks for a 1.99% fee.

What are Check ‘n Go’s interest rates and fees?

Because Check ‘n Go offers multiple loans, each one has its own interest rate and fee structure. For example, Check ‘n Go installment loans may have lower interest rates and fees than its payday loans.

For up-to-date payday loan interest rates, check out our review page of the lender. The fees on payday loans will vary depending on the state where you live. For example, if you live in Utah and borrow $100, your fee would be $25. But if you live in Florida, the fee for the same loan would be $15.

The good news it that Check ‘n Go allows you to see these terms on its website. Simply choose your state, and you can get an idea of what payday loans will cost you. It doesn’t offer the same feature for its installment loans, though.

What are Check ‘n Go’s eligibility requirements?

Bad credit isn’t a problem with Check ‘n Go. Because the lender charges high-interest rates, it can typically take on the risk. The lender’s minimum credit score is 300, which is also the minimum credit score in the FICO range.

You need to live in one of the following states to be able to get a payday loan from Check ‘n Go: Alabama, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah.

For its online installment loans and The Choice Loan, you have to live in one of the following states: Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois (installment only), Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina (The Choice Loan only), Utah, Wisconsin.

How to apply

For cash advances and The Choice Loan, you have to go to a Check ‘n Go location.

But if you want a payday loan or installment loan, here’s the step-by-step online process.

  1. Enter your personal information, including your state, name, email address, and information to set up an account.

    Check 'n Go review

  2. Enter more information about yourself, including your address, phone number, Social Security Number, and valid form of ID.

    Check 'n Go review

  3. Share your income information.

    Check 'n Go review

  4. Enter your bank information so Check ‘n Go can send your money.

    Enter bank information to send money to your account

  5. Agree to Check ‘n Go’s terms and conditions, then submit your application.

    Final Step

Once you’re approved, you can then move on to selecting your loan amount. The available loans will depend on your application. Then, you’ll e-sign the documents for your loan and Check ‘n Go will send your money either by bank account or check, depending on which option you choose.

Check ‘n Go Customer Service

If you have any questions about Check ‘n Go online applications or anything else, you can visit your local branch or call the Check ‘n Go phone number at 1-800-723-7022. Alternatively, you can send your questions via a contact form online. However, before you apply compare the rates and fees offered by other payday lenders and bad credit installment loan providers.

FAQ on Check ‘n Go

How do Check N Go loans work?

Lenders hold the checks until the borrower’s next payday when loans and the finance charge must be paid in one lump sum. To pay a loan, borrowers can redeem the check by paying the loan with cash, allow the check to be deposited at the bank, or just pay the finance charge to roll the loan over for another pay period.

What happens if you don’t pay back Check N Go?

A returned check fee may be charged in some states; however, Check ‘n Go will not collect any additional fees. After 30 days without a payment on your installment loan, your remaining balance will default, interest will stop accruing, and the entire balance will be sent to collections.

Is Cash N Go Legit?

Although Check ‘n Go is a legit short-term loan company, that doesn’t mean every offer you get is legit. Some scammers have been sending out faked offers in order to get borrowers’ personal information. These scams ask for payment before a loan can be disbursed. This is a classic tactic. No real company, including Check ‘n Go, will ever ask for you to pay them. 

What are the benefits of taking out a payday loan with Check ‘n Go?

  1. Easy application process
  2. Quick access to funds
  3. Use funds for any purpose
  4. Bad credit is OK. 

How can I apply for Check `n Go loan?

To apply at Check `n Go you will need to have a valid ID (such as a driver’s license), proof of income, an active checking account and an active phone number. Depending on the state, you may be asked to provide additional information.

Check ‘n Go Review: Should you get a Check ‘n Go loan?

After reading this Check ‘n Go review, if you have hesitations, read what Harris has to say about the process.
“Know your options before opting for a short-term loan,” says Harris. “Consider other things like personal loans and loans from family members first. It’s not always comfortable to borrow from family, but it can save you a fortune.”

If those things aren’t available to you, though, Check ‘n Go has what you need. Also, check out other payday lenders to see if there are cheaper options out there for you. The more you shop around, the more likely you are to get a better deal. Be sure to also check out what the best personal loans are to ensure that you choose the best option for you.