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Clever Money Saving Apps

If the ungodly cost of the latest, fanciest smartphone has got you down, here’s something to cheer you up.

With the release of new-fangled smartphones come hundreds of new-fangled smart apps! And there are some particularly clever money-saving apps out there for these latest ingenious communication devices, like the Galaxy s4 and WP8 1020, which might just take the sting off the steep price tag.

We’ve put together a few smarty pants smartphone apps that lead the way to hidden discounts, scores of coupons and delicious bargains every time you shop:

Easy Coupon Clipping Apps

We all have at least one, a coupon clipping app for our favorite grocery store, or from our favorite blog. They’re an easy way to reap the savings this holiday season without having to sit around with scissors and RedPllum inserts trying to catch a deal.

Retail Me Not Coupons: alerts you to coupons as you approach a store with a sale going on; also offers (shareable) coupons at restaurants, stores, grocers.
Grocery IQ: finds coupons for your grocery purchases.
The Coupons App: discover tons of (shareable) coupons for anything and everything you can imagine.
Cellfire: alerts you about relevant coupons when you check out and also lets you know about store deals as you walk into the store.

Hardcore Money Saving Apps

Some people take coupon clipping to the extreme, and already have all of the coupon apps mentioned above (the more coupons, the better!). But for a new way to save, these apps are more clever, taking frugal shopping to a whole new level.

Slice: alerts you when a recently purchased item drops in price and links you to the store’s refund policy if you decide to return the item; bonus—this app also tracks your online shipping orders.
Hukkster: lets you know when the price on your fave items goes down.
Smoopa: discuss strategies, discover new resources and trade tips with other shoppers for the best bargains around.
Shopkick: collect points (“kicks”) with this app that acts as a loyalty card program for stores that don’t have one.
thredUP: a big help if you’re looking to sell and/or buy used clothes at nearby consignment stores.
SavingStar: register all your loyalty cards in one place and get regular product offers and discounts; it helps you track the number of items to be bought to get max savings.
Ziplist: creates a master list of staples, frequently purchased grocery items and even organizes them for you by aisle.

Of course, there are plenty of stores and online retail giants (like Amazon or eBay) that have their own apps, but more fascinating and more satisfying are the money-saving apps that scan the entire online and offline shopping universe to help you score the perfect deal. There’s nothing quite like scoring a deal on the fly!