Companies That Had Their IPO In 2010

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In 2010, several major household name stocks initiated an initial public offering (IPO), including Tesla, GM, and AMC Theaters. However, several major offerings were notable flops including Molycorp and HiSoft. Overall, it was a big year for tech corporations.

Going public is a major milestone for almost any major company. If you want to be publicly traded, you’ll need an IPO. Your IPO, or initial public offering, is the first moment where people can actually buy your company’s stock shares on the stock market.

You might be surprised at how recent some of your favorite companies went public. 2010, in particular, was a good year for IPOs. Did you ever wonder which companies made a splash during their opening? Keep reading to learn more about the top ten companies to have an initial public offering in 2010.

Which companies had an IPO in 2010?

2010 was a year when several major “unicorn” brands went public. It also was a year when people saw major flops about to hit rock bottom. You might remember these names, or you might not. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable IPOs of the year 2010.

CompanyStock ticker symbolOffer dateOffer priceEnd-of-year priceReturn
MolycorpNYSE: MCP7/29/2010$14.00$49.90256.43%
HiSoft Technology InternationalNasdaq: HSFT6/30/2010$10.00$30.20202.00%
RealPageNYSE: RP8/12/2010$11.00$30.93181.18%
Youku.comNYSE: YOKU12/8/2010$12.80$35.01173.52%
BroadSoftNasdaq: BSFT6/16/2010$9.00$23.88165.33%
Qlik TechnologiesNasdaq: QLIK7/16/2010$10.00$25.87158.70%
Camelot Information SystemsNYSE: CIS7/21/2010$11.00$23.92117.45%
Vera BradleyNYSE: VRA10/21/2010$16.00$33.00106.25%
Oasis PetroleumNYSE: OAS6/17/2010$14.00$27.1293.71%
MakeMyTripNasdaq: MMYT8/12/2010$14.00$27.0393.07%
EnvestnetNYSE: ENV7/29/2010$9.00$17.0689.56%
Fresh MarketNYSE: TFM11/5/2010$22.00$41.2087.27%
MotricityNasdaq: MOTR6/18/2010$10.00$18.5785.70%
JinkoSolarNYSE: JKS5/14/2010$11.00$20.1282.91%
Noranda Aluminum HoldingNYSE: NOR5/14/2010$8.00$14.6082.50%
China KanghuiNYSE: KH8/11/2010$10.25$18.5180.59%
China Lodging GroupNasdaq: HTHT3/26/2010$12.25$21.7877.80%
SemiLEDsNasdaq: LEDS12/9/2010$17.00$29.0570.88%
E-Commerce China DangdangNYSE: DANG12/8/2010$16.00$27.0769.19%
Higher OneNYSE: ONE6/17/2010$12.00$20.2368.58%
SouFunNYSE: SFUN9/17/2010$42.50$71.5268.28%
InphiNasdaq: IPHI11/11/2010$12.00$20.0967.42%
Sensata TechnologiesNYSE: ST3/11/2010$18.00$30.1167.28%
AmyrisNasdaq: AMRS9/28/2010$16.00$26.6866.75%
Financial EnginesNasdaq: FNGN3/16/2010$12.00$19.8365.25%
IMPORTANT! We’ve included the stock’s ticker symbol next to each of the company names. This way you can look up the stocks for yourself if you’re interested in investing. For this article, NYSE stands for New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ represents the NASDAQ stock market index.

Molycorp (NYSE: MCP)

Molycorp might be one of the most notorious companies to have an IPO in 2010. This is because the initial IPO price was low, then it spiked, then the company folded. All of this happened within a span of only four years!

This was a startup that was supposed to be a mining corporation. It didn’t work out well and quickly turned into a major example of why speculation fails. While its year-end stock price was far higher, the company went bankrupt after four years.

Pro Tip

Don’t pull a Molycorp. Research controversies and environmental concerns before you invest and always take a professional’s investment advice into account when you trade. It’s part of due diligence. If you’re not sure where to look for an investment advisor, consider some of the options below.

AMC Theaters (NYSE: AMC (Class A))

If you’ve gone to a mall in the past 12 years, then you probably heard of this company. The movie chain is now a publicly traded company and, surprisingly, it’s one of the more popular choices among retail investors.

Technically, AMC Theaters had plans for an IPO in 2004 and 2010. Both IPOs were canceled, though their 2013 attempt resulted in a successful IPO.

General Motors (NYSE: GM)

Does this name surprise you? This is a bit of a loop. GM was a public company years prior but had joined the rank of private companies as a result of bankruptcy and restructuring. Not too long after the company restructured, it had another IPO.

The 2010 IPO started off with an offer price of $33 and raised over $20 billion. This made it one of the largest initial public offerings in modern history. Because of this, brokerages still consider this to be a blue-chip stock, or a financially strong company that tends to pay high dividends.

Dangdang (NYSE: DANG)

One of the biggest names in commerce China had to offer also got their IPO in 2010. For those not in the know, Dangdang is one of the biggest Beijing-based companies for e-commerce purposes. Their markets are mostly in Asia, but they can stand head-to-head with

Due to its international appeal, Dandang was a darling among F1 students studying in the states. Truthfully, it’s still a favorite among plenty of international students with an internet connection.

HiSoft Technology International (NASDAQ: HSFT)

HiSoft was another one of the high-profile IPOs to come out of China’s markets. This company was noted for IT outsourcing and had an initial offer price of $10 per share.

HiSoft’s stock has stopped showing updates since 2012, though the stock continued to trade under the name Pactera for a while.

Qlik Technologies (NASDAQ: QLIK)

Qlik Technologies might be one of the best-performing IPOs to have been released in 2010. This company was originally based in Sweden but now is based in Pennsylvania. Their claim to fame was creating data integration products like Qlikview and multiple acquisitions.

Though they went public in 2010, they were later bought out and made private. That said, Qlik went public once again in 2022, making it one of the few billion-dollar companies to have two different IPOs.

Green Dot Corporation (NYSE: GDOT)

Finance company Green Dot had an exceptional entry into the world of public companies. As one of the few financial industry giants to serve people who typically don’t have a bank account, Green Dot was a major fan favorite of the year.

Though the company had several scandals in later years (including problems with their products being used by criminals), the offer price started at $36 per share. It remains one of the stronger stocks to hit trading floors since 2010.


It’s wild to think, but it’s true. Elon Musk’s brainchild, Tesla, debuted on trading floors in 2010. When the IPO was released, stocks cost only $17 per share. In mid-November of 2022, Tesla stock traded at about $193.

Tesla also boasts the title of being one of the only business names to have a market capitalization of more than $607 billion. Needless to say, investing in Tesla is a decision that many traders are quite happy to have made.

Related reading: If you want to learn how to invest in Musk’s other projects, check out our guide on how to invest in SpaceX or Starlink.

BroadSoft (NASDAQ: BSFT)

If you use VoIP services during the 2010s, then chances are that you were using a BroadSoft product. This company was a favorite in the tech industry for years but only opened up with an offer price of $9.

Even so, the end-of-year return was a very cool $23.88. However, the company only lasted as its own entity for a couple of years afterward. Eventually, CISCO bought them out. They now manage it as a portion of their subsidiaries.

Pro Tip

Companies like BroadSoft are great for investors, even if they are eventually acquired. But to start investing in a company like BroadSoft, you first need a brokerage account. Take a look at some of the brokerages below to get started.

Vera Bradley (NYSE: VRA)

Most people don’t think of fashion labels as potentially publicly traded entities, but it does happen. In 2010, Vera Bradley joined other major retail names on the trading floor on the New York Stock Exchange.

The designer was a favorite among sorority members and women who like bold patterns. Once considered a fad label, the stock is still alive and kicking. It was initially offered up at $16 per share but peaked at $50 per share. Since then, the price has been in decline.

The Fresh Market (NYSE: TFM)

Are you a fan of “good eatin’?” If so, you probably know about one of the faster-growing grocery stores to come out of the Carolinas. In 2010, this highly esteemed grocery chain went from private to public.

This company came forth with an initial starting price of $22, a strong starting point for any stock. They finished that year off well, too, with a final end-of-year stock price of over $40 per share. Not too bad!

It’s worth noting that The Fresh Market had a sky-high stock price in 2016 when Apollo bought the chain’s stocks. After this purchase, it went back to a private company, where it’s remained ever since.

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the largest IPOs of 2010 were Tesla, Green Dot Corporation, and General Motors.
  • In the tech world, Tesla, HiSoft, and Qlik Technologies were popular offerings.
  • Prices of IPO trades ranged from as low as $10 to as high as $22.
  • Some companies that made the list are no longer around, including HiSoft.
  • Several major retail brands made their debut as public companies in 2010 as well.
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